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Pink, White, Green and Purple Asparagus (June 2019).


Whether white or green asparagus ends up on the plate, depends mostly on eating habits and personal taste. We tell you where the difference between the asparagus varieties lies.

The color

White asparagus is therefore white because it grows in so-called "dams" under the earth, so in mounds. This species of asparagus, also known as pale asparagus, is harvested immediately as soon as its head breaks through the earth cover. As the asparagus does not come into contact with daylight, it remains pale.

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Green asparagus, however, grows above ground and is not covered by a layer of soil. Being exposed to the sun at any time, it forms chlorophyll for photosynthesis. That colors the asparagus green.

Other countries, other asparagus

In Germany the white asparagus is especially popular. It tastes mild and has peeled and cooked a soft consistency. In France violet asparagus is in demand, which is incorrectly considered as inferior in Germany. It gets its color because it is not harvested immediately after piercing the soil layer. In English-speaking countries - especially the US - is mainly green asparagus on the plate.

Which variety is the best?

As with all dishes, asparagus also means that personal taste determines the choice of asparagus. Green asparagus is more firm and stronger in taste than the pale asparagus and tastes spicy and hearty.

Although the green asparagus forms only a thin skin and does not have to be peeled or only on the lower third, but it is bite stronger than the white overall. Full of good ingredients and vitamins are both varieties, even if the green asparagus contains even more vitamin C and carotene than pale asparagus.

Overall, white asparagus is very good for asparagus salad and similarly light dishes, while the green salad tastes great with pasta or hearty casseroles. But of course, above all, experiment with the varieties and process the asparagus that tastes best for you.

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