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How To Make Beautiful Paper Dahlias - DIY Crafts Tutorial - Guidecentral (June 2019).


Whether on the balcony or in the garden - they always bloom. Sew your dahlia yourself. Here you will find the instructions for downloading.

Pillow with flower application

Size: 68 x 50 cm.

Material: Discreetly patterned cotton fabrics in rosé and pink tones. For the pillow: 2 rectangles à 70 x 52 cm. For the flower application: 1 rectangle à 50 x 45 cm. Also: Vlieseline adhesive fleece (50 x 45 cm). Pearl yarn or Sticktwist in a contrasting color to the flower. Green embroidery thread for blossom and leaves. Schneiderkopierpapier, sewing thread, pillow filling.

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Here's how it works: Enlarge the image on the copier to 400% (A3). Transfer the enlarged motif to the paper side of the adhesive fleece (this is quite easy, because the adhesive fleece is semi-transparent). Iron the adhesive fleece onto the same fabric backing. Cut the outer contours with 0.5 cm of addition. Transfer all inner contours to the front of the fabric with Tailor Copy Paper. Pull off the paper and iron the flower centered on the cushion plate. Re-embroider all contours with pregrooves.

The bud is worked as well, embroider the leaf and stem directly on the cushion surface. Iron the finished embroidery from the left side. Stitch together the right and right side panels with 1 cm seam allowance

leave an opening for the pillow filling at one of the longitudinal edges. Turn the pillow, the fill

Insertion and close the opening with hand stitches.

Tip:If you want to sew a 40 cm long zipper, work as follows: Close one long edge, while the middle 41 cm with a large lockstitch, on both sides of which secure the seam with small lockstitches and back stitches. Iron the seam, open the middle 41 cm and sew in the zipper. Keep the zipper open and close the other three sides.

Here you can download the instructions for free:

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