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Canning In the oven

Canning Tomatoes WITHOUT a pressure cooker and No Water Bath | Useful Knowledge (May 2019).


When talking about boil-in, most people immediately think of the saucepan or a professional jar. We have a simple guide on how to cook in the oven.

Good preparation

As with classic cooking, when cooking with the oven make sure that the preserving jars are tight and clean. For this purpose, the glasses should be rinsed in hot vinegar water before being boiled and drained on a damp kitchen towel. Another part of the preparation is that a drip pan or a deep baking sheet be filled with water about one to two centimeters high.

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Get to work

Now comes the fruit or vegetables into the game, which is to be canned. For this, the fruits are thoroughly washed and cleaned and chopped as desired. Then they are filled tightly into the preserving jars. Fruit should be doused to a boil with a sugar solution in which one liter of water is mixed with 250 grams of sugar. Vegetables are filled up with boiled water.

In the oven

The jars must be thoroughly closed and then placed in the dripping pan filled with water. You should make sure that the glasses do not touch each other. Now the oven is heated to a temperature of 175 ┬░ C. Keep an eye on the preserving jars, as the oven must be switched off as soon as the liquid in the glasses throws bubbles and bubbles on the glass wall. Keep the oven closed so the glasses can perspire for about 30 minutes. After that, you can be taken out of the water bath and allowed to cool.

What else is important

With a convection oven, you can cook just as well as with an electric stove. But if you have circulating air, pay close attention to the processes in your oven, because the air usually gets hotter faster. Therefore, it may be that the Einkochprozess, so the purging of the liquid, starts here a little faster.

If you really feel like getting boiled down, we would be happy to introduce you to some recipes and tips on cooking and fruit, for example, to plum or pickle cucumbers. Have fun!

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