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Wohntrends furniture made of wood

industrial style storage unit (May 2019).


It's cold outside, cozy inside. With favorite pieces of sisal, wool and especially wood we make it beautiful.

Furniture made of acacia wood

Mediterranean elegance

Just a single piece of acacia furniture, such as a sideboard or a sofa, gives a room more elegance. This is due to the dark tone and the delicate grain of the hardwood. Similar to teak it defies all weather and is therefore particularly suitable for garden furniture.

The dark wood brings a pinch of wanderlust into the house. Fits tropical or oriental style of living - suncolors, metal accessories, leather - or Asian simple style with white and green.

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Care Wipe once a year with soapy water, rub with hard wax.


"Saigon", 122 x 78 x 80 cm, with white upholstery, also other upholstery possible, about 1800 euros, Lambert


"Botella" from 3 bottles each, 26 cm high, set of 2 about 125 euros, umbra Connox.

salad Servers

30 cm long, about 11 euros.


including figures with natural border, approx. 40 x 40 cm, playing field 20 x 20 cm, approx. 42 Euro.


with foot, total height 35 cm, about 40 euros. Everything from The Olive Wood Manufactory (DOM)

salad Servers

in funny hand form, about 9 Euro, Habitat

Furniture made of olive wood

Decorative grain

Olive wood products are made only from trees that no longer carry olives. They are often a thousand years old! Therefore, the wood is extremely hard and shows, due to the slow growth, a unique grain. Rubbing the wood with olive oil, it shines gold to amber brown.

Strong patterns like neutral companions to work. A large bowl of olive wood works well on a runner in beige or a warm dark red.

Care Wash off by hand with a soft sponge and a small amount of Spüli lukewarm, dry immediately, oil once a month.

Walnut furniture

Rural charm

Walnut wood comes from the native walnut tree and belongs to the group of walnut woods. It is grained in stripes, alternating between light gray and dark brown. The solid wood is easy to saw, turn, plane, pick, etc., is often used for furniture.

In the gray shades walnut or walnut looks very noble in conjunction with white, such as a device in the Long Island style. Also fabrics with prints or long-pile carpets fit.

Tip Walnut wood is not weatherproof and unsuitable for outdoor furniture.


"Gray 09", 110 x 76 x 106 cm, with cushions, approx. 1700 Euro.

Hanging lamp

"Swing 30 / 70P", cut walnut veneer, approx. 470 Euro, Lighting Deluxe.

dining table

"Veneziano", 200 x 90 cm, turned legs, walnut oiled, about 1100 Euro. About Ambiente Direct.

Oak furniture

Strong character

Oak wood has long since discarded its somewhat old-fashioned image. Modern furniture designers appreciate the bright, uniformly grained wood, because it is robust, yet elastic and weather-resistant. Therefore, and because of the aroma, you also store fine wine and whiskey in oak barrels.

Oak wood is robust and easy to clean, making it ideal for furniture making and parquet floors. The light wood harmonizes with cushions and fabrics in pastel or rich berry tones such as mauve, lavender, blackberry and magenta. When white is added, it becomes light and cheerful.


or side table "Tribal Stool", 34.5 cm high, 24 cm Ø, approx. 270 Euro, via www.

table lamp

60 cm high, 32 cm Ø, about 780 Euro, Moooi

Toy set

"Alfredo Aquama rine" with 6 figures, oak and stainless steel, about 100 Euro, Georg Jensen about Connox

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