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Sewing instructions Great pillow for sewing

How to sew a Pillow 2 ways: Basic Pillow and Pillow Sham (May 2019).


Beautify your four walls with self-sewn pillowcases. Whether elegant highlights for the couch, colorful eye-catchers to relax or unusual sleeping pillows - we have free instructions for you with numerous tips for making your own.

Do you fancy sun, beach and sea? Then beautify your home with a self-sewn navy pillow and get the holiday feeling home. The sailor motifs are also suitable for beginners.

Here you will find the sewing instructions: Pillows in navy look >>

Sometimes only small accessories are missing to make your own four walls even more comfortable. Knitting your own cashmere cable pillow and hotel closure will make your living room smash in a jiffy.

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Here you will find the knitting instructions: Cable Cashmere Pillow >>

Patchwork is not an easy thing. The art exists since the 1st century BC. And is considered somewhat more difficult than other knitting instructions. But if you succeed, you will usually get a very noble and unique result. Dare!

Click here for the knitting instructions: patchwork pillow >>

Even with small decoration ideas you can give your home new pep. The patchwork pillow made of knitted squares you can design in all colors and set great accents.

Here you will find the knitting instructions: patched pillow >>

A summer that lasts as long as you wish - that's a nice idea. Sew your ever-blooming dahlias on a pillowcase and get the summer home with you.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Fabric application Dahlias >>

These colorful pillows are not only great eye-catchers on every chair or in the corner of the sofa, but are also very easy to make yourself. Choose your favorite colors and go.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Colorful round cushions >>

You can not see your pillows anymore? Then you have to make a new kiss cover. Try our knitting instructions for floor cushions. Whether as trendy decoration or cozy pouf, the cover is suitable for everything.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Floor cushions >>

The pillow has been used as a classic decoration in the home for decades and enhances the feel-good atmosphere. Knitting your own chunky knit pillow according to your ideas. This is not only unique, but also very reasonably priced.

Here you will find the knitting instructions: Chunky knit pillow >>

Bring some color and freshness to your living room with self-sewn stripe pillows. This is not only a great pastime, but also gives your home a very personal touch.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Pillows with stripes >>

Give your pillow a new, fresh look and knit custom knit covers. Colors and sizes are limitless.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Knitted Pillows >>

Not only at harvest time, the Pumpkin Pillow conjures rural mood in your home. The pillow is made of felt and linen and is filled with fleece. A wonderful unique piece!

Click here for the knitting instructions: Pumpkin Pillow >>

With a cherry stone cushion under the covers, it sleeps much better. Sew your pillow according to your wishes. Without zipper it is comfortable on the skin.

Click here for the knitting instructions: Cherry stone pillows >>

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