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Before / After Type Advice: New color, new look


The great makeover for YOU reader Michaela: a style that suits a woman with power!

Michaela before

This is me:

  • Name: Michaela (39), 1.73m tall, dress size 36/38, two children.
  • Occupation: Retail clerk.
  • Residence: Hamburg.
  • Wish: A casual fashion style for everyday life and a completely new hairstyle.

Michaela afterwards

Red hair, great woman

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Wow, what a difference. A chin-length, chestnut-colored bob makes Michaela years younger. And gives her the fashionable kick. Their look is a mix of classic and playful parts: transparent top, rough jeans, elegant blazer. Fits perfectly in the job as well.

Jacket:Sack's, about 260 Euro, Gr. XS-L. Jeans:Comma, about 90 Euro, Gr. 34-44. Sleeveless Top:Sack's, about 150 Euro, size XS-L. Bangle:Lia Sophia, about 120 euros. Silver necklace:TomShot, about 130 euros. Shoes:Fred de la Bretoniere, ca. 250 Euro, Gr. 36-41

Copper for a strong appearance

The hair combed behind the ear seems to be stricter, but underlines the outfit with style. Muted colors like brown

and green are ideal for Michaela's reddish-brown bob and her bright porcelain finish. "I really like the style break with the paisley scarf, " says Michaela.

Olive blouse:Lavand, ca. 60 Euro, Gr. S-XL. Beige men's trousers with crease:Mango, approx. 30 Euro, Gr. 34-46. Silk scarf with paisley pattern:Sack's, about 70 euros. Laced ankle boots:Görtz 17, about 100 euros, Gr. 36-42, 11 cm heel

Curls make the look pretty feminine

How versatile Michaela's new hairstyle is, shows the curly version. It makes Michaela look softer and more feminine. Blue tones in different shades are great for the red hair. Better avoid flashy tones in a color mix and stay in a color family.

Cornflower colored pleated trousers with tie belt:Lavand, approx. 70 Euro, Gr. S-L. Satin sleeveless wrap top:Bobi, ca. 70 Euro, Gr. XS-L. Cardigan with lace insert at the back:Kudibal, approx. 160 Euro, Gr. S-L. Shoes:Joop !, about 200 euros, Gr. 37-42

Everything in tone

Michaela's make-up is very subtle, yet looks classy. Eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip gloss remain in the copper-brown-gold range.

For a sexy look makes a dark eyeline. The lips are just a little bit stressed, the hair stays eye catching.

For the mouth

"Phyto-Lip Gloss-Brun" by Sisley, about 39 euros

For the eyes

"Dessin du Regard - Bronze" by YSL, ca. 22 Euro

For the eyes

Colors with a shimmer effect for a radiant look: "5 Coleurs" by Dior, approx. 55 euros

cut hair

The tips are graded for more fullness.

color palette

Find the right tone - from blond to red. ("Color Mask" by Schwarzkopf)

Step by step to the new look

The color is easy to apply. "That's how I can dye my hair myself at home, " sat Michaela. "The cream makes it child's play I stroke her like a mask on the hair, nothing drips or drips.

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