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Type Consultation: Before / After Type Advice & Styling: Beauty Coaching for more femininity


Our type consultation includes a complete makeover with the beauty coach: from make-up to beautiful shoes and accessories to individual dress.

Type Consulting & Styling: Beauty Coaching for more femininity

Stephanie (37) Occupation: Technician Mechanical Engineering. Place of residence: Lives with her husband, her twins Isabel and Lena (8) and the shepherd dog Lisa in Eschweiler near Aachen. Hobbies: Stephanie reads a lot and likes to hike.
No experiments. Stephanie's outfit is timeless, but also a little colorless. She wears her long hair classically open or tied to a braid. During make-up she rarely dares to do anything new.

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Maybe it's just because she's more likely to be in design halls than in fashion stores. When technician Stephanie hangs her Blaumann in the locker and gets ready to go out, she often does not know what to do with styling. "For my free time, I've been looking for a new look for a long time - somehow I can only dress sporty, " says the 37-year-old mother of Gemini.

So, the FOR styling team developed a new blueprint for Stephanie's look. Step 1: Cuts and colors are combined by the pros and matched feminine-individual. Step 2: Makeup and hairstyle are fashionably designed as well as type-appropriate. The mechanical engineering expert is more than satisfied with the final product. And we think: The model can go so well in series


Not only the sequins radiate: Stephanie with voluminous curly hair and subtle, type-appropriate make-up. Your new fashion favorite: gray, short-sleeved turtleneck with sequin trim in purple and silver (Bloom)

Stephanie's hairstyle

The right tool is already available: scissors, hair dryer and brush, with which the hairstylist now goes to the head work. An unfamiliar picture for Stephanie: "In my job, I'm mostly surrounded by men, but that I meet in a beauty team on men, I did not expect, " she says. But the result of masculine craftsmanship is convincing. A gold tone rinse conjures warm reflexes. The tips are shortened by six inches, cut the hair around the face fringier. For more volume on the top of the head, the top hair is ranked. After washing, the professional kneads the hair gently while blow-drying with his fingers. Hairdressing cream helps with styling, and hair spray fixes everything. "When I was 18, I needed a perm, " says Stephanie. But with her hair you can do even more: a high ponytail, for example. Exciting for the evening: a curly hairstyle that makes Stephanie look soft and seductive. "The photo with the curly head will definitely end up in my husband's wallet, " she says contentedly.

Impressive: black mascara (Rimmel), pink lip gloss (Wet'n'Wild), brownish rouge (Revlon).

Tempting: twist strands over a straightener, clasp, allow to cool and polish.

Colored: suede pumps in bright fuchsia (H & M).

Fresh: Stephanie with curly hair in a beige trench coat (set), turquoise blouse (Comma), dark blue flannel trousers (Paul & Joe Sister) and fuchsia wool scarf (Bloom)

Styling tips

Cuts and colors must result in an interaction with complexion and figure - then it looks harmonious. The gemstone colors emerald, amethyst or a cool petrol, combined with natural shades such as beige and brown, flatter Stephanie. "I would never have come to this great mix alone. So far, I always thought colors would have to be repeated in the outfit, "she reveals. Cut tops to straight-cut stretch jeans create balanced proportions. These pumps in violet or dark red as a splash of color or choose ankle boots in the pants color - so act the legs longer. Stephanie does not need a lot of jewelery, but a sporty watch as a sparkling detail or a colorful scarf. A gray rolli with sequin trim ensures a shiny appearance in the evening. Stephanie likes it: "That's what I want to look like! I feel good in this style. "

Stylish: snake-print clutch (mango) and long link chain with enamel inserts (Bijou Brigitte).

Timeless: sporty watch (Bijou Brigitte).

Ladylike: Stephanie in a pencil skirt (Comma) with a cleverly cut sweater (Paul & Joe Sister) and peeptoes (Görtz)

Stephanie's makeup

Make-up looks like the paint on the car - without them an important detail is missing. First, the eye shadows are covered with a concealer, then applied only in the T-zone some primer with the brush and faded out to the sides. A layer of loose powder fixes everything, and Stephanie's complexion radiates. On the upper and lower eyelid comes a bright champagne tone, white kohl in the inner eyelid opens the view, and darker gray brown in the eyelid fold conceals Stephanie's slip-eyelids. A fine brown eyeshadow line on the lower lash line and black lashes give more depth. In addition, a little brownish rouge and a lip gloss in cool rosé - "looks totally different, but of course it works, " she says. Equipped with this know-how, Stephanie will be able to perfect her look technically.

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