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Confident and sexy restyling: student on the road to success

"Casanova: The Seduction of Europe" Symposium (May 2019).


Student Pia has a lot on it. She also wants to show that self-confidently to the outside.

Umstyling: student on the road to success

Pia Rehle (24)
Occupation: Business Administration student.
Place of residence: Lives in Munich and has recently moved in with her boyfriend.
Hobbies: Pia jogs, swims and walks with her boyfriend in the mountains. During the holidays, she prefers to travel to Brittany and Tuscany.

So she could work smooth undercover, because no one remembers her: Pia in a plain student look with jeans, shirt, sneakers. Unfinished with braid she looks pale.

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Every day a full program: in addition to business studies and even cooking classes at the community college give - quite a lot, what Pia da wuppen has. Only for her styling she has no plan. "I would like to work away from my student look, look more competent and competent in my job through my outfit and try something different", she wishes for the YOU experts.

Confident appearance: With the ecru flounce top (closed) under the dark blue jacket (Yummie Tummie) Pia looks confident and competent. Plus: bright slim-fit jeans (H & M) and high-heeled pumps (repetto)

Playful or patterned things? Looking in vain in Pias wardrobe. One dark pair of jeans stretches to the next, waiting for the station wagon with a plain sweater or shirt. What to do against the boring look? She will no longer have to ask this question, says stylist Diana. First antidote: a stylish top with ruffles. Works together with a blazer but much more casual and younger than the staid blouses, the other Pia carries to work. "This is my absolute favorite outfit - on the one hand sporty and at the same time elegant, " says a delighted Pia.

How to attract success: with powder-colored tulip skirt (H & M), mint green top (No-l-ita) and blazer with puff sleeves (yumi). In addition: black tights (Falke) and pumps (Görtz 17)

In general, trendy Nude and Ecru tones are great to lighten their dark basics. For more pep, Pia should still mix a fresher color like denim blue, mint or sea green.

Subtle colors: eyeshadow palette (Make Up Factory), cream rouge (Bobbi Brown) and lip gloss (Estée Lauder)

Make-up tip: Dabbing intensive lipstick red with just a finger, then it does not look so painted

"I would like to emphasize my cheeks and eyes more, but I have no idea which colors are available to me and how I should apply eye shadow and blush properly, " admits Pia. "I'm just taking an eyelash - ink." Serena shows her how easy a natural make-up is: first cover the dark circles with concealer and matt the face with transparent powder. In the next step, brush on brown eyeshadow on top of the upper eyelid and gently fold over the eyelid fold. Draw a fine line on the lower edge of the lid with a brush, blur the color with a cotton swab and blow the eyelashes black.
Then Pia has to laugh in the mirror and apply coral-colored rouge right where her cheeks are arching. On the lips comes a swab of rosé gloss. Pia is thrilled: "Great! I do not feel over-painted at all, it just looks great and well-groomed. "

Hairstyle: A blunt cut prevents the split ends from moving upwards

Pia prefers to wear her fine hair, but her split ends make her feel rather shaggy. So far, a braid was the solution, because short is out of the question for them. "Six to seven centimeters but have to, so that the hair can grow back healthy, " explains hair expert Serena and cuts the ends dull straight. The contour around the face is slightly skewed. As a highlighter she paints highlights in a warm blond tone in the top coat. With the curling iron then fullness and movement comes into the hairstyle.
For the perfect look, turn hair up from the ear, leaving the tips and tips smooth. Comb with your fingers, done. Pia really cool finds the cutting-edge Heidi-on-the-Alm-Zopffrisur: for better grip the hair mist spray and braids on both sides tightly on the head braids. Turn the braids down at the back of the head and fix in place. "To this bright red lips - good and totally sexy, " raves Pia.

All in: In this green suede bag (Paul & Joe) fits everything for job and university

Cowboy boots with wooden heel (Görtz 17): the stylish and comfortable alternative to pumps

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