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Dr. Daniel Nuzum & Jonathan Hunsaker Discuss Anti-Aging 101 | Organixx (June 2019).


Even though we are reluctant to admit it, the natural regeneration processes of the skin slow down as early as the age of 20.Often unnoticed, the deeper layers of the skin lose their moisture, firmness and elasticity.

However, the aging process is taking a real drive through "stress makers" such as UVA, UVB radiation and ozone pollution. And many a vice does not leave our skin without a trace: smoking, alcohol and prolonged stress lead to increased oxidative stress inside the skin. This damages the skin structure and causes premature skin aging.And as if that was not enough: with the menopause follow later also the consequences of a reduced estrogen production and a reduced productivity of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

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Targeted anti-aging care has a positive effect on ripening skin

To "arm" the skin early and systematically

Of course, even as we get older - you should not see it! With a well-coordinated anti-aging care can move a lot today.

Important aspects for a systematic care concept:

  • Sustainable supply of the skin with moisture
    z. B. by hyaluronic acid
  • Maintaining the hydrolipidic film
    z. B. with valuable lipids and liposomes
  • Stimulation of the regeneration processes of the skin
    z. B. with fruit acids
  • Stimulation of the collagen structure
    z. For example, by Asian aquatic forkwort
  • Smoothing facial expressions without Spritzenkur
    z. B. with the anti-aging peptide Argireline ®
  • Radical scavengers against oxidative stress
    z. B. with antioxidants
  • Consistent sun protection with high UV filter
    and radical scavengers
  • Melanin blocking and lightening of pigmented spots
    z. B. with tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Liquid and micronutrient supply through
    a healthy diet and z. B. by supplementation
  • Reduced stress and more relaxation
    due to sufficient sleep, fresh air and exercise
    as well as the avoidance of environmental and pleasure poisons

If the anti-aging care systematically matched to the skin type, this is particularly efficient.Test your skin with DERMASENCE's skin analysis tool.With a specially developed questionnaire you determine your skin type - the basis for optimal care.

DERMASENCE Anti-aging with system

DERMASENCE relies on the know-how of medical skin care when it comes to "anti-aging with a system". The different facets of skin aging are dealt with here systematically and in a physiological way, that is natural. All products are dermatologically tested, naturally perfumed skin friendly and free of phenoxyethanol. They are listed at

A link list with the most popular products and features of the "Anti-Aging with System" care series can be found here:

  • Anti-aging all-rounder and "wrinkle killer"
    DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate
    Light fluid contains Argireline® with Botox-like effect, hyaluronic acid and liposomes
  • Effective against eye wrinkles
    DERMASENCE Eye Cream
    Intensive care for sensitive eye areas with Asiatic water forkwort
  • Pale complexion fresh and smooth tingle
    Mild fruit acid trio by DERMASENCE: AHA Effects plus C - The intensive care / AHA Effects - The mildness / AHA Body & Face - The lotion for the face and body
  • Just take care of pigmentation
    Brightening fluid for intensive care with tyrosinase inhibitor

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