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Blue Apron VS HelloFresh - Are they Worth It? (Unboxing & Review) (June 2019).


Stressful shopping after work and the desperate search for a delicious meal for the dinner were yesterday. From now on we have finished food boxes and recipes delivered right to your door - by HelloFresh. How exactly does this work? We explain that to you here.

What am I cooking today? And what do I have to buy for it? If you do not want to ask yourself these questions after a long day at the office and would rather enjoy your evening, the cooking boxes from HelloFresh are exactly the right thing for you. We explain how the cooking box principle works and share our personal experience with you.

HelloFresh-Kochbox: That's the way it works

Before the cookbox can be delivered, we have to choose between the Classic or Veggie Box. In the Classic Box we can choose dishes with meat and fish, for the Veggie Box delicious vegetable creations to choose from. New is the Family Box, which was developed for parents and children. The special feature of HelloFresh's cooking boxes is that each week there are 12 new recipes and all dishes are freely selectable. So you know exactly what you can look forward to and that the dishes are all to your personal taste. So, thumbs up for the big choice!

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Incidentally, there are all boxes with Thermomix suitable recipes. So if you own a Thermomix, you can use it to prepare HelloFresh recipes .

After we have decided on a box, we indicate for how many people the dishes should be enough and how many dishes we want to cook per week. We can choose between two to four servings and three, four or five meals in a week. The price for the boxes depends on the portions and starts from 4, 50 Euro per person and court.

Finally, we choose the delivery day and the place of delivery. When should the box arrive? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday? In the morning or in the afternoon? This flexibility is really very practical! If it still does not fit on the days, you can just give a parking permit and still deliver the box to the front door or leave it at a neighbor.

It is also great that it is a recurring service that you can flexibly change and manage at any time. Whether you want to change the number of dishes per week or want to pause a delivery, everything about the customer account is quick and easy. If you do not change anything, once a week you will receive a great food box with sophisticated recipes and fresh ingredients!

Tip: If you do not want to choose new dishes every week, you can put together a menu of weekly changing dishes six weeks in advance.

Our interim conclusion

The order of a cooking box is super easy and all steps are explained exactly. We also find that HelloFresh's website is totally clear and easy to navigate. We look forward to the first box!

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Here we go!

Our first dish: Tarte with porreegé vegetables

The first box is here and we want to start cooking right away! Today on the menu: crispy tarte with porreegé vegetables. Flammkuchen is a real classic, in combination with leek and rosemary but a little bit fancier. There should be an apple and rocket salad - we are very excited!

Matching ingredient bags and recipe cards are highlighted in color.

Before we cook, we unpack the box. Three recipe cards, three paper bags with colored labels, two leeks and a larger bag of recycled PET wool that keeps all perishable food cool. A look at the recipe cards reveals which ingredient belongs to which recipe, because both are marked with the same color. Also in the cooler bag made of PET wool we find the colored marking again. The best thing is, however, that all ingredients are delivered in portions and spices, flour, sugar and Co. are already weighed exactly.

The recipe cards look very clear and structured. At first glance you can see how much time should be allowed for the dish and which difficulty level is assigned to the recipe. On the back of the card, we find an illustrated step-by-step recipe guide as well as nutritional information on the dish - cooking can not be any easier or simpler!

Enough of the trappings and finally to the recipe: The preparation of the flame cake was really easy and the specified preparation time of 30 minutes has also roughly fit - we took about ten minutes longer. In the end, we were really surprised by this seemingly simple recipe - the salad with apple and pumpkin seeds and the tarte flambée with a delicious rosemary note have both tasted very good!

Recipe number 2: Colorful oven vegetables with Halloumi

Ingredients for the dish

Our secret favorite out of the box is this oven-baked vegetables with sweet potatoes and onions. This dish had the most fresh ingredients. Tomatoes, avocados, onions, a chili, a lemon, garlic, parsley and a sweet potato were also part of the party. All products were fresh and we could process them great. Especially delicious was the topping, namely the halloumi cheese. The recipe card has told us that this dish is gluten-free and at the same time very high in fiber. So you never learn!

All good things are 3: chocolate bean brownie

Juicy brownie bit

Even when ordering this cake creation sounded really exciting and as if you would have to try the recipe necessarily. The preparation was really fast, unfortunately the cake had to bake in the oven a little longer than indicated. The baking time can vary but with each cake depending on the oven and used form - half so wild. The result was so much the better: a really nice chocolaty and slobbery brownie! Incidentally, there were still caramelized peaches and sour cream. A combination that we did not know yet, but would definitely recommend.

Our conclusion to the HelloFresh cooking box

No bags to carry, no weighing, but every week new recipes and exceptional ingredients - HelloFresh's cooking boxes really have a lot to offer and impressed us in the editorial department. One cooks balanced, healthy and with fresh ingredients, the delivery of the boxes is free, one is totally flexible and does not have to order a box every week, there are hardly any leftovers, nevertheless, proper portions are to be filled on the plate. Who wants to cook something new and above all with extraordinary ingredients, we can really recommend the cooking box by HelloFresh.

Good to know

However, we noticed one thing about all three recipes. Some basic ingredients such as oil, butter, salt and pepper, but also honey, you should always have in the kitchen cabinet. But if you know it is not a problem and you can get the ingredients in advance.

Unfortunately we have to deduct one point for the leftover garbage. All products (except for fruits and vegetables) are individually packed, which makes paper bin, yellow bag and Co. quickly neatly full.

It's worth trying out!

You want to test one of the cooking boxes? Then use the exclusive coupon code HELLOKOCHEN50 and get 50% off the first HelloFresh cooking box!

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