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"New hair? Ah, you are freshly separated. "Wrong! In fact, Silvia was in the FOR studio and has been given a new look that brings out her feminine side.

Type advice: From the girl to the woman

Name: Silvia Hahn (39)

Occupation: medical assistant

Residence: with partner, daughter (5), son (3) and dog in Eschwege

Hobbies: baking and cooking with the children, reading, dog walks

This is me:

"My hairstyle and my fashion are more practical. Maybe it's because I'm usually estimated younger? Anyway, I would like to wear a dress and put on make-up. I'm also curious how a new haircut will look like. "

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"Wow, how noble!"

Silvia radiates twice. First with the hairstyle in the trendy smooth look. Second, with her dress in her new favorite color orange, which makes her hips narrow, her shoulders wider. The poppy ankle boots extend the legs optically. "Looks really noble, " says a happy Silvia.

Dress: Witty Knitters, ca. 300 Euro, Gr. S-L. Chain, about 130 euros, earrings, about 90 euros, both of everything from love by Milla K. Boots: H & M, about 30 euros

Short bob in gold tones

Fresh color

A tint in dark blond gold intensifies Silvia's natural tone.

Short bob in gold tones

correction interface

The sides and neck are thinned out, the top hair stays long, so that Silvia can grow her hair.

Short bob in gold tones

Professional Styling

Pulled over the straightener, the natural wave is beautifully smooth and shiny.

Rosy complexion

Subtle colors create a naturally fresh complexion.

Dream complexion

Beautiful even and yet natural Silvia's skin with a soft primer; z. B. "Skin Match Fusion Make-up", Astor, about 10 euros

Set accents

"Eye Color Quad", Tom Ford, approx. 65 Euro, exclusively in the KaDeWe Berlin

Noble effect

Nudefarbene lips to smokey eyes in brown tones; z. B. "Lip Color Blush Nude", Tom Ford, about 45 euros

Soft effect

Rosenholzfarbenes Gloss is a great freshness kick for Silvia's pale lips.


"L'Absolue Rose Empire", LancĂ´me, about 28 euros

Feel-good sound

"Pink really makes you want to party, " says Silvia.


"Shimmering Rouge Stiletto", Shiseido, about 25 euros

The team

Inga, Katrin, Nick and Lars (from left) from the FOR YOU type consulting.

Do you also feel like a change?

Write to kosmetik.fuer- or to FOR YOU, keyword "Typberatung", PO Box 60 12 60, 22212 Hamburg. We need a little "profile" and a recent photo of you. Telephone number and e-mail please do not forget. With a little luck you are there!

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