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Current summer fashion for the warm days



The new summer fashion can be with light clothes up to the sexy swimwear at any temperature holiday mood. Stay perfectly styled with the spring and summer trends, whether on the beachfront, the beach bar or in the city.

Bags 2014

Satchel bag

The bags remind you of school days: Satchel Bags are school bag-style models and the perfect companion for long summer days.

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Bags 2014

Satchel bag

The bags remind you of school days: Satchel bags are models in school tents


Fashion trend

Dresses: The new 2-in-1 look

Uncomplicated and yet stylish: That works!


summer Fashion

Styling tips for the pool

How do I make a good figure at the pool?



Colorful summer shoes

It will be colorful! Here are the most beautiful summer shoes of the season.


The perfect sunglasses for your face

Which sunglasses fits which facial types?

Summer fashion 2014

Swimwear with slim effect

Emphasize waist, conceal belly or hips around - whether bikini or swimsuit


Fashion trends

Chic sunglasses 2014

The new sunglasses fashion makes our hearts beat faster.


Clothes with class

New summer dresses

A touch of nostalgia, a touch of elegance: that's the secret of the new Sommerk


styling Tips

The right swim wear for your figure type

Enjoy the summer!


Sunglasses 2013

We show you our ten favorite sunglasses for summer 2013.


summer Fashion

Marine look 2013

Even Coco Chanel loved him: The navy look with its mix of red and white


Bikinis 2013

Swimwear for every figure

Problem areas? On vacation, this is just as much a foreign word as work.


Different looks of summer fashion
We love fashion and look forward to every change of seasons, because a new season is also called a new wardrobe. We are particularly interested in the spring and summer fashion. The summer is the favorite season of many people, because the sun is shining, it is nice and warm and longer. People are in a better mood and spending much more time outside. Whether in the garden, swimming pool or cafe, the woman of course always wants to look good and be dressed fashionably. Reason enough for you to devote a whole page to spring and summer fashion. We want you to have even more fun in your summer and experiment wildly in style. A crazy pattern mix or a classic summer dress, let yourself be inspired with tips and insights directly from the fashion catwalk. You can choose your favorite from the most different looks. You will receive additional information about the purchase price and can easily buy the favorite piece. In what kind of fashion do you see yourself? Are you looking forward to the trendy, cheerful Miami look, which impresses with its many colors and puts a smile on everyone's face? Or do you prefer the classic navy look with lots of stripes and maritime accessories? Be sure to take a look at our swimwear, which stands for every figure. We want you to feel comfortable in your skin and wear the fashion you like. Have fun rummaging!

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