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6 NEW Ice Cream Flavors: Homemade Ice Cream PARTY! (No Machine) - Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking (June 2019).


Summer, sun, beach: ice cream is always, especially homemade recipes. Whether with or without cream, ice cream maker or not - we have wonderful recipe ideas on how you can make ice cream and sorbet yourself.

Vegan Nicecream

This is not normal peppermint ice cream, but the low-calorie variant, namely Nicecream. Best of all: Nicecream is healthier than regular ice cream and also vegan. The complete recipe can be found here >>


This ice cream not only looks great, it also tastes incredibly delicious - beautifully refreshing and with a delicious watermelon flavor.

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The recipe can be found at the Kitchen Girls!

Hugo Ice

It's pink, with champagne and flowers - the Hugo-Raspberry ice cream.

The detailed recipe has the Kitchen Girls!

Avocado ice

Ice cream can be so creamy even without an ice cream maker! You can quickly make avocado-coconut ice cream yourself.

The complete recipe is available at the Kitchen Girls!

Light raspberry yoghurt ice cream

Snacking and losing weight? It's easy with this refreshing raspberry-yogurt ice cream.

Here is the recipe for the light raspberry yoghurt ice cream >>

water ice

Make strawberry and lemon ice cream with kiwi quite simply. How to do it we show in our recipe from the food blog "becauseyouarehungry".

A recipe for water ice is available here >>

Cherry almond ice cream

A fruity enamel that only melts on the tongue!

Discover here the recipe for the delicious cherry-almond ice cream >>

Frozen yogurt

The low calorie and refreshing frozen yogurt ice cream tastes great on a hot summer's day.

Recipe: Frozen yogurt

Raspberry ice cream on a stick

Refreshing and simply delicious! This ice cream is still completely vegan!

Recipe: raspberry ice cream on a stick

Mocha ice cream brownie sandwiches

Treats with a coffee kick. Also, if it takes some time: the work is worth it!

Recipe: Mocha Brownie Sandwiches

Johann Lafers summer sorbets

Fast, easy and melt away: Johann Lafer reveals his best ice cream creations. Whether blackberry buttermilk, basil lemon or mango yoghurt sorbet. These recipes sweeten the summer for you.

Recipe: Johann Lafer's summer sorbets

Lemon sorbet

Refreshingly lemony and a real treat on hot summer days.

Recipe: lemon sorbet

Cinnamon - Gugelhupf

A melting dream of ice and cream. You can not resist that!

Recipe: Cinnamon Gugelhupf

Grilled ice cream balls with creme au chocolat

Grilled ice cream? Yes, that is possible and it tastes damn delicious!

Recipe: Grilled ice cream balls with creme au chocolat

Cinnamon vanilla ice cream on a stick

The vanilla stick gives the ice a special kick!

Recipe: cinnamon-vanilla ice cream in style

Caramel apple with apple sorbet

That's something else: caramel apple with apple sorbet.

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