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Do the driftwood decoration yourself

DIY: Decorative Accessories made from Driftwood (February 2019).


What you can conjure up everything from a piece of wood, we show in our free guide for this pretty driftwood decoration.


As a mobile in the nursery, ornate wall decorations for the living area, or as a gift. From old wood, little helpers and a creative idea, this sweet driftwood decoration can easily make yourself.

And so it goes

Mask a piece of driftwood with masking tape. Now spray it to create a nice zigzag pattern. The color choice can be experimented with.

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Now drill six holes in the wood and thread through the cords. The two outer cords serve as a suspension and get as a backup nor a wooden ball, the other cords are equipped with file clips.

Now, as you wish, fill the cords with small appendages.

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