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How to Do Ombre or Gradient Tie Dyeing | Tie Dyeing (May 2019).


Ladies like to wear scarf - and now show courage to color! Silk scarves in trendy colors are totally in fashion. The scarf made of chiffon is the king among the accessories and makes you an absolute eye-catcher on the autumnal streets. In this tutorial, you'll read about making our ultimate fashion tip for the fall yourself.

Dimensions: about 80 x 180 cm
You need: 2 white chiffon scarves, handrolled, made of silk; Iron-on silk paint "Silk" by Marabu, 1 x in Apricot Fb. 025, 1 x in Red Fb. 023, 2 x in Mandarin, Fb. 225; Also: Tentering frame for scarves up to L 180 cm, iron, 2 thick silk paint brush, sponge, water sprayer

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That's how it's done

1. Stretch the silk scarf onto the frame.
2. Moisten the scarf with a sponge.
3. Color the scarf from the long sides with apricot, or tangerine on the opposite side. Use the brush to apply the paint quickly and evenly. In the middle, the two colors run into each other. Should the silk dry too fast, this can be prevented with the water sprayer.
4. Work the second scarf just as well. But use the colors mandarin and red orange.
5. Let the scarves dry and fix the color by ironing (2-3 minutes on level 2).

To imitate

Visit and download here the instructions for the beautiful chiffon scarf with gradient >>

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