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Teppich Häkelanleitung für Anfänger - © Woolpedia (May 2019).


Such a carpet is not only good on the floor - it can also be very decorative on the wall as a miniature. So that you too can proudly look at your self-woven tapestry soon, we have the instructions here as a free download.

Web tutorial for decorative tapestry

Material: woven frame set, approx. 20 x 35 cm Lei by Lana Grossa, (100% wool, LL = 40 m / 50 g), each 50 g black (Fb 7), crude white (Fb 14), anthracite (Fb 12), emerald (Fb 42), Cornflower (Fb 56); Bingo by Lana Grossa (100% virgin wool, LL = 80 m / 50 g), 50 g of powder (Fb 177), Cool Wool by Lana Grossa (100% pure new wool, LL = 160 m / 50 g), pink (Fb 452);Classico by Lana Grossa (100% cotton, LL = 110 m / 50 g), 50 g or rest in raw white (Fb 8) (as warp) thick stuffing needles bamboo stick, about 30 cm long or small branch leather strap, about 60 cm long.

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Explanation of the scheme: 2 weft / warp thread: 1 weft back and forth for each z. B. 4 warp threads, the next 2 weft threads over 5 warp threads (this creates a flat slope) 4 weft / warp thread: 2x 2 weft yarns back and forth over z. B. 4 warp threads, the next 4 weft threads over 5 warp threads (this creates a steep slope).

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1.) Covering: Knot the warp thread at the bottom left and pull it up and down through the notches 28 warp threads. Knot the thread at the bottom right. Weave two rows: To do this, thread the thread alternately in front of and behind the warp threads with the shuttle or a thick needle, around the last warp thread and back in the opposite rhythm.

2.) Fringes: Cut 150 wool threads in pink with a length of approx. 40 cm. Approximately Put 3-5 wool threads as bundles across the 1st and 2nd warp threads. Bring the ends back around the warp threads and back in the middle. Move the knot down (see Zg). Bind the next knots around the 2nd and 3rd warp threads, then around the 3rd and 4th warp etc. The fringes are finally cut into shape.

3.) Weaving: Wrap the wool around the boat, thread it up and down through the warp threads as described in step 1, either over the entire width or only over a few warp threads. Occasionally, push the rows together with the comb down. At the upper end in every second warp, tie in 2 rows and tie loose knots.

4.) Serging: When changing the color, let the threads hang long at the edge or back, they will be sewn on the back later. The lower ends of the warp threads are finally sewn or knotted. Insert the rod into the warp loops at the upper end. Hang up with the leather strap.

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