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Knitting Pattern Bag with crocheted flowers

Crochet Flower Purse Tutorial 1 - Making the Flowers (June 2019).


The little bag of pretty crochet flowers is easy to follow and a cute accessory for your home.

The beautiful wool bag is easy to knit and is a great way to store small things like slippers. The small bag is also perfect as a gift. It can be picked up accessories, your many collected knitting instructions or other handicrafts that are still in the making. The desire has you packed? Then get started!

You need: Schachenmayr / SMC, "Egypto Cotton" quality (100% cotton, running length 180 m / 50 g), approx. 150 g in white, Fb 00009; Knitting needles no. 2 or 2 1/2; Crochet hook No. 2 1/2; Strickliesel or mechanical knitting mill for the cord (eg via, Tel. 0251/47575)

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knitting patterns

Kraus right: Knit the stitches in the back and forth rows on the right.

Mesh sample: 33 stitches and 60 rows = 10 x 10 cm

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Crochet flowers: For each small flower, four air stitches must be closed with a chain stitch to the ring. In the air mesh ring: 3 air stitches, 2 sticks, 3 air stitches 1 slit stitch. You repeat that three times.
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This is how it works: Start by knitting 125 stitches and knitting on the crotch to the right. At a height of approx. 50 cm, tie off all the stitches. Stitch and edge of edge (= side seam) must be sewn together, leaving 7 cm from the one (upper) edge for the passage of 1 cm seam open. Now close the bottom bag seam and turn the upper edge 4 cm wide inwards and trim. Sew the edge 1 cm wide over the hem edge. Knit a 1 meter long drawstring with the knitting nappy and pull it in. Then do this until you have crocheted 15 to 20 flowers per side of the bag. At the end, sew them all together and scattered on the bag.

Instructions for the Strickliesel: Take your Strickliesel and a thread at hand and guide him from top to bottom through the Strickliesel and hold him tight. At the top of the knitted nappy wrap the thread counterclockwise around the first eyelet. Then go to the second eyelet to the left and wrap the thread again clockwise around this eyelet. The same goes for the 3rd and 4th eyelets. Hold the Strickliesel in your left hand and wrap the thread around your index finger. Now skill is needed! The thread is passed from right to left over the first eyelet and the underlying yarn loop with a short knitting needle lifted above it and dropped inside. Now turn the Strickliesel to the right and repeat the process with the 2nd eyelet and keep going on like this. From time to time do not forget to follow the lower end of the thread.

Download knitting instructions

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