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Crochet Pattern Short and Top



The crochet-style shorts in the style of Mac Donald are ideal for beginners. Here you will find our free guide.


Gr. 34/36 and 38/40 (in brackets) If there is only one entry, this will apply to both sizes.)

Material: Schachenmayr wool "Micro Bamboo" (50% acrylic, 50% bamboo, approx. 145 m / 50 g), 400 (450) g ​​in white Fb. 01 and 50 g in black Fb. 99, crochet hook No. 3, 5, narrow elastic waistband.

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Material consumption: 250 g for the top, 200 g for the shorts.

Stroke row: Instead of the required air stitches, use the corresponding number of rods with foot loop: 4 air stitches, for the 1st stick take 1 envelope on the needle, pierce the 1st air stitch and pull the thread through, then 1 loop first, 1 loop, with 2 other envelopes each cut off 2 loops. Each succeeding stick works the same way, always piercing the lower mesh of the previous stick.

Basic pattern: Crochet chopsticks. Turn each row with 2 air stitches and always prick the sticks between the sticks of the previous row.

Stitch sample: 20 stitches and 14 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Crochet 80 (88) sticks with white anklet in white, then continue working in the basic pattern. Crochet after 10 cm 3 black stripes: 2 rows of black each, 2 rows of white alternating. Continue working in white. For the armholes after 30 cm leave both sides 1x 8 (10) stitches uncoated and remove 6x 1 stitch in each row: At the beginning of the row cut off the first 2 sticks together, at the end of the row cut off the last 2 sticks together. Crochet over the remaining 52 (54) chopsticks + 1 edge stitch in black. For the neckline after 4 cm = 6 rows in black leave the middle 36 (38) sticks uncoated and crochet for the wearer over 8 stitches each 14 (15) cm.

Front part: How to work the back part.

Completion: Close side and shoulder seams

Shorts: Crochet chopsticks with ankle sling for the 1st trouser leg in white 104 (110), then continue working in the basic pattern. For the step round after 4 cm leave 5 sticks uncoated on both sides. On both sides in each row take 5x 1 stick = 84 (90) sticks. Work the second trouser leg up to that height as well. Join both trouser parts in the front center = 168 (180) stitches. For the backstitch bevel remove 2 sts in each 2nd row 8x (10x) 1 stitch = 152 (160) sticks. After 24 (26) cm of total length leave the middle 72 (80) sticks uncoated and finish both sides separately. At the inner edge in each row leave 6 x 5 stitches uncoated.

Completion: Close the 4 cm long leg seams, then close the crotch seam. Crochet the top edge with 1 row of chopsticks. Thread the rubber band through the last row in the required waist width or sew in the elastic band from the left side.

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