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Crochet felt basket with relief sticks



Crochet a basket of bread for the dining table - with our crochet pattern that's easy. Delight in a tasteful accessory for your home.

With our instructions, they create a beautiful felt basket for storing bread or other items such as firewood. Made of felt you can make this basket in different colors such as gray, anthracite, black, red, brown and many more. This firewood basket made of felted material is a help and a nice accessory for pleasant living.

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Dimensions: unzipped: about 30 cm Ø and 10 cm high, felted: about 22 cm Ø and 7 - 8 cm high

You need: Schachenmayr wool "Wash + Felt-it!" 250 g in nature Fb. 00002, a crochet hook No. 6 - 7


Crochet in round relief sticks and chopsticks according to the crochet pattern. Always prick the relief sticks from the front around the stick neck of the preliminary round, always crochet the chopsticks between the sticks of the preliminary round.


10 sticks and 8 rounds = 10 x 10 cm


Download free tutorial on

After the crochet work. 1st round: Crochet 3 air stitches and 11 chopsticks in a thread ring = 12 sts. Close the round with 1 slit stitch. From the 5th round, only the 1st repeat and the last rapport with the round crossing is drawn. In between crochet the repeat 10x. Crochet the 1st - 12th round, then for the desired length = basket height the 11th and 12th round always wdh. After about 8 rounds, crochet 1 round of sl st in the end. Then crochet 4 sts from the front and 4 sts from the back for the handle and crochet over these 8 sts in rounds. Sew on the backing on the other side after about 32 cm.


Wash the crochet in the washing machine in the main wash at 40 ° and with high spin rotation. After washing, shape and leave to dry. The basket becomes smaller by felting 20 - 30%.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the flexible felt basket >>

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