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Knitting pattern: Beanie

How to Knit a Hat for Complete Beginners (May 2019).


Fü shows you with this free tutorial how to knit your own beanie - so easy that even beginners can figure it out.

Knitting instructions: Beanie


For a warm winter cap wool is good as a material. If you like it a bit less scratchy, you can also resort to mixed wool. Cotton yarn is well suited for beanies, which should also be worn on cool summer evenings. The running length of the yarn should be at least 80 meters. Furthermore, a circular needle is needed in matching strength. The required needle size is usually noted on the labels of wool ball and the circular needle should measure 40 or 60 centimeters in length. Also important for the rest of the course: a wool needle and a measuring tape.

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  1. To ensure that the beanie really fits, the circumference of the head, which you should warm once, must be measured at the hairline. On the label of the yarn you will also find out how many stitches you need for ten centimeters of the later piece of knitting. It makes it easier if you choose a straight stitch.
  2. Now pick up the determined number of stitches on the circular needle. You can find out how it works here.
  3. You start now with the cuff. For this to be elastic, knit two right and two left stitches. How this works, you can see here. The cuff should be about three to four inches wide. Depending on the nature of the wool and its knitting style (solid or loose), the number of rows is individual.
  4. Once you have reached the desired width of the cuff, knit the beanie only with right-hand stitches to the desired length.
  5. So that the cap converges evenly upwards, you must now calculate a little. If you want the beanie to run close together, at 80 stitches, take off every fourth stitch and knit them with the third. If the cap should run a little further, take off every eighth stitch and knit it with the seventh. So keep going until there's no stitch left. Sew the now protruding thread with the wool needle - and your handmade beanie is ready!

Extra tip:If the beanie lingers in the long run a little, you can still sew a rubber band in the cuff.

Many more, free knitting instructions as a PDF download can be found here >>

Beanie Ideas

Beanie ideas

Beanie Ideas

Beanie Ideas

Beanie Ideas

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