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Coughing and hawking in the most impossible situation, such as readings, concerts or in the theater, we all know. Either the others do it, or we ourselves are the troublemakers. Why anyone always "barks" and what you can do about it, explains trust doctor Prof. Rainald Knecht.

Concert pleasure without coughing

There is a highlight every three months in our clinic: classical concerts under the motto "Music - People - Medicine". Admission is free, and not only staff, but also patients and guests are welcome. On the 14th of February Vivaldi is given. I'm looking forward to it. When I recently asked a colleague if she would be there, she confessed to me: "Better not. Embarrassingly, I always have to cough in the theater. I just can not suppress it. "The counter-concert of hawking, croaking and full-necked barking attacks many just where it is most inappropriate - for example, when concert violins pianissimo delete.

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The writer Heinrich Böll described it this way: "I feel how my hands get wet, an inner convulsion seized me. And suddenly I know that all efforts are useless, that I will cough. "Why do not we have our bronchi under control then just then? Quite simply: because body and soul are one entity.

It helps if you know the piece

The more we think about what we should not do, the more we feel the need to do it. And the more nervous we get, the drier the throat gets. The often-mentioned trick to press the thumb against the larynx, therefore, rarely helps. But to redirect your thoughts as quickly as possible, if the possibility of a coughing fit comes to your mind. For example, focus on an elaborate hairstyle in the row in front of you or imagine how many days are left until Easter. If that does not work, you can try moistening the neck with sweets or a sip from the water bottle secretly smuggled into the concert. In an emergency, I recommend a liberating hawking in a very loud place - it is helpful to know the piece. The longer you suppress your need for cough, the stronger the stimulus. If there is no other way, the noise can be dampened with a handkerchief in front of the mouth at least.

By the way, one of the best methods is to consciously cough up for a while in an unobserved corner just before the start of the concert and to make it clear that the lungs need no further release at least until the concert break. However, if you have a cold, you would rather stay home. For then, coughing is an important bodily reflex, in order to transport pathogens out with the mucus. You should not even suppress Vivaldi for that.

Prof. Rainald Knecht
The director of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf is also a renowned specialist in plastic / aesthetics and tumor diseases. His credo: "Ultimately, whoever heals is right"

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