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Sewing instructions Cozy seat cover

Tutorial: Carseat Cover, Step by Step Sewing DIY - The290ss (May 2019).


Your old bench has become obsolete and you need new, fresh wind for the wooden seat? Colorful playful seat covers are the solution. Now relocate your old bench with modern, cozy fabrics in an instant. We will show you step by step how to sew the cover easily.

You find your bank boring and monotonous? Turn old into something new - with our patterned jersey fabric bank cover. With our ideas to make yourself, you sew yourself to a pleasant feeling while sitting. Have fun sewing!

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Dimensions: about 40 x 150 cm

You need: 160 cm patterned jersey fabric, approx. 380 cm green cotton cord (cord thickness approx. 0.5 cm), matching sewing thread, upholstery needles, tackers, tacker ammunition, scissors, measuring tape, sewing needle (round needle)

cut out

According to the dimensions of the bench (at 5 cm upholstery height), cut a rectangle of 50 x 160 cm, cut out a 4 x 4 cm square at all four corners.


Download free tutorial on

1. First, tie the two long sides to the wood. Make sure that the fabric is fixed in a line, so that later the cord can cover the tacker line.

2. Then tackle the short sides. When doing so, fold the corners together and close them by hand with 1 cm seam allowance.

3. Pin the green cord to the edge of the jersey fabric with small padded needles. Sew together the beginning and end of the cords.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the cozy, playful seat cover >>

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