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Summer fruits Our best strawberry recipes

12 Healthy Smoothies (June 2019).


Whether it's sweet strawberry cake, a heavenly strawberry trifle with pistachios or sophisticated strawberry cheesecake chocolates: we have put together our best recipes for you.

Strawberry Cake

Looks great and tastes heavenly: strawberry tart with vanilla cream. Here you will find the recipe >>

Strawberry Cheesecake chocolates

The little strawberry cheesecake chocolates are made quickly and taste so good! If you should try it out - the recipe can be found here >>

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Strawberry Tarte

Delicious! We serve our Tarte Flambée today with fresh strawberries. The recipe can be found here >>

Strawberry trifle with pistachios

The Italian Trifle is a vegan dessert recipe to melt away! This way to the recipe >>

Strawberry smoothie

Healthy and incredibly delicious: Strawberry smoothies are quickly and simply conjured up. The recipe can be found here >>


The highlight of this summer cake: the fruity cream of strawberries, yoghurt and cream. Here is the recipe >>

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