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Sewing instructions Stylish rag rug

Rag Rugs Pattern Booklet & Tool (June 2019).


From old to new - with useless scraps you can easily conjure up something new, stylish. You need a new carpet? This patchwork rug is not only easy to imitate but looks great too. Download our guide and go.

You are looking for the ideal carpet for your four walls? We put this stylish rag rug - or Fleckerlteppich - to the heart. The carpet of large, colorful or less colorful patches scores with its unique design and makes old, unused scraps ideal. With our help and our instructions, you can easily sew this beautiful rug in an instant.

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Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm

You need: approx. 110 cm linen fabric in greybeard (150 cm wide, eg quality "Pax" by JAB), remnants of brown, strong smooth leather, checkered wool residues in greybeard (eg a disused woolen blanket or similar). ), Felt residues in offwhite and gray (3 mm thick, eg from Hey Sign, important: the remains should be at least 22 cm wide, quantities see diagram), approx cm wide), teflon feet for the sewing machine, suitable sewing thread, scissors, ruler, tape measure, felt pen, possibly chalk pen, ironing cloth, pins with head, scotch tape.

cut out

For cutting fabric scraps, take all dimensions from the diagram.

The dimensions of the schematic drawing are given without seam allowances.

The fields in the upper and lower transverse rows are cut with only one seam allowance in the longitudinal direction.

The fields in the 1st and 5th longitudinal rows are cut with only one seam allowance in the transverse direction.

Otherwise, trim all remaining panels with 1 cm seam allowance on the four sides.

Made of fabric insert:

- 5 x a strip of 20 x 140 cm (without seam allowances)

Made of linen fabric:

- a rectangle of 100 x 140 cm (plus 2 cm seam allowance on all four sides)


Important: Iron all parts only with a cloth as protection! Iron on setting: wool plus steam. The carpet consists of 5 longitudinal stripes. Each vertical stripe is 20 cm wide and 140 cm long (finished size). The carpet is processed open-edged.

1. First sew the longitudinal rows together. The parts are stacked with the open edges in a scale of 1 cm wide and quilted with the sewing machine.

Tip: When stitching together, you can always draw a line for the seam allowance with chalk pencil. The next field is padded on this guide.

Important: Since felt and leather edges do not fray, the woolen edges are always at the bottom when sewing together, felt and leather edges always at the top.

2. When sewing together always check the lengths of the fields. So all 5 longitudinal rows work.

3. Carefully iron the seams with a cloth as protection.

4. Iron the fabric inserts on the back of the longitudinal rows.

5. Sew the longitudinal rows together in a scaly manner as described above (order see diagram). The open edges of the wool fabric are sewn on here with a small zigzag stitch, the open edges of the felt and leather sections are sewn with a lockstitch.

Tip: For the leather parts use Tesafilm instead of pins.

Download free tutorial on

6. Carpet lining : Iron the seam allowances of the linen fabric to the left and stitch the quilting foot wide.

7. Underlay the lining material.

8. Quilt the short rows first, then the long rows with a short edge. Tip: Place a non-slip mat under the carpet on stone and wooden floors.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions including patterns for the beautiful, stylish patchwork carpet >>

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