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Trensdsportart Obstacle Course Train with more fun in a team


Going jogging alone can be boring in the long run. We present the obstacle course as a great sport in a team.

Every run makes you lean - that's the way to modify a familiar proverb. But jogging is not for everyone. To get better results, for example in terms of running time and speed, you have to put on your running shoes for a few weeks. And if you do not like doing sports alone, you may lack the necessary motivation. Steeplechase, on the other hand, is a sport that you play in a team and that can be practiced by both beginners and extremely trained athletes.

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Training for the new obstacle course

There are several groups that you may find in your area. Here is jointly trained for the next run. For the training rough routes are selected, which hold many different obstacles ready. These can be, for example, fallen trees or ponds. Mud belongs to the modern obstacle course necessarily and increases the fun while exercising!

Steeplechase competitions

If you have been training with your team for a while, you can participate in competitions. The goal of these competitions is for your entire team to get through the obstacle course as fast as possible. Registration is usually online via the respective organizer.

In Germany, very trendy

Gone are the days of boring club sports and lonely endurance races. The new trend sport obstacle course not only makes you fit, you also spend a great time with like-minded people. That's why this outdoor sport is probably also enjoying growing popularity. So, pack the sports shoes and run!

Here you will find a current race calendar for obstacle courses in Europe >>

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