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The job, the family and the household have us firmly under control. It takes a lot of effort to shovel time for sport after work. Use our motivational tips for easy integration of the sport into your daily routine and outwit your inner bastard!

After a busy day in the office we often lack the motivation for a workout in the evening. Although we know exactly how important a physical balance is. However, if you take our tips to heart, you will quickly realize that it does not take much to ring the end of a good day with a little sport, rather than a bag of chips in front of the TV. With the right motivation you not only enjoy the sport, but at the same time you can lose a few annoying kilos. You will feel fitter and healthier after your first training sessions. Here we go!

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Tip 1: Find a training partner

Have you ever realized how much time you spend with your work colleagues during the day? Crazy! And there are certainly one or two colleagues with whom you understand yourself, right? Get together with your "favorite colleagues" and make an appointment for sports together after work. Knowing that there is someone who depends on one spurs on and also to cancel the Hemschwelle spontaneously is much larger. Besides, there is nothing better than motivating and challenging each other. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be your work colleague. Having a friend or a friend makes the sport at least as much fun - a chat round included!

If you can not gain a friend or colleague as a training partner, then just book a personal trainer. Motivation and fun are guaranteed with this training method!

Tip 2: Always have the sports equipment ready

No sports, no sports - that's how easy it is. In this way, we outsmart ourselves, because it seems almost impossible to run home after work to get the sports equipment WITHOUT drowning on the sofa. So that it does not come at all to this motivational break, it proves to be very helpful to take the sports equipment right in the morning to work. If the eye pervades the office during the day, it will certainly stick to the sports bag and we'll remember "Ah, there was something else!". And believe us, nothing is more liberating than escaping from work stress by grabbing a sports bag and relieving the stress of sports activities.

Tip 3: Train at fixed times

Yes, the appointment calendar is bursting at the seams. And yes, sometimes you just do not see any way to integrate the training into the packed day. The more helpful it is from the outset two days a week thick and bold in the calendar with the word "Sport!" to markers. It's best to talk to your training partner on which days and at what time it suits him. Get organized, start small carpools and look forward to a great after work workout. The right attitude to sport is a matter of the mind. Anyone who does sports regularly and already knows at the beginning of the week when training is announced and when not, it is easier to jump on the motivational train. Try it and always keep your goal in mind!

Tip 4: Move as much as possible

We humans like it comfortably and comfortably. Why take the steps up to the third floor, if the elevator a) much more comfortable and b) much faster? Stop this attitude immediately and make the conscious decision to move more in the future. Instead of writing a detailed email to the colleague in the office next door, a visit is usually much more efficient - both for social behavior and for burning calories. Take advantage of every little opportunity to move. A pedometer is a great gadget that helps you measure progress and motivates you to make new records.

Tip 5: reward small achievements

Since childhood, we know what it feels like to be rewarded for something. This sensation accompanies us for a lifetime. But what we used to do in the past is something we have to do ourselves. From a sporting point of view, this means that you should always set new, small and above all realistic goals that are easy to achieve and you do not take the fun in the matter. When the goal is reached, take a break and use the time to reflect on your own progress. A reward, of course in the form of new sports shoes, a soft yoga mat or chic sports pants, motivates you directly to new best performances. You can do it!

Extra tip: track your performance with a fitness app on your phone. So you have a good overview of when you have trained for how long and how intense. Always remember: even small steps lead to success!

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Combine healthy diet and exercise

We would all like to do without sweets, chocolate, chips, fast food and Co., and instead rely on healthy food and balanced food. However, such good intentions and plans usually last no longer than a few weeks. But what makes it so hard to lead a healthier life in the long term - with a balanced diet and sufficient exercise? Often stress in the job, loneliness or general dissatisfaction lead to veritable binge eating. Here are 20 easy ways to a healthy diet.

In order to feel fitter and more mobile, it is important to support exercise sessions with a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle will make you feel more efficient, improve your overall wellbeing, and get your cardiovascular system going. Your body and your health will thank you!


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