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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Get-Together (May 2019).


Summer, sun, sunshine - high time for a sociable party in the garden! Invite your friends, acquaintances and family and spend a nice day together with coffee, cake, delicious drinks, music and dancing. We would like to help you to plan this event and have put together valuable tips for the perfect summer party.

Laughing together with loved ones, eating and drinking with relish, celebrating with joy and having fun - all this makes on sunny summer days, when the sun is high in the sky and no cloud can be seen, a lot of joy. As the host of such a summer festival, it is entirely up to you which location you choose, what you serve your guests, which drinks are served cold and how colorful the decoration is - make all important decisions in advance of the event! Here are some wonderful tips to give that next summer party that certain something.

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The location under the open sky

Can anything be more beautiful than an atmospheric summer party in your own garden, on the terrace or on a green lawn in the park? Especially in the hot season, we like to spend time outdoors and recharge our batteries with warm sunshine. So, the music plays in the open air!

Colorful decoration

Colorful, colorful and homemade: make garlands of paper or cardboard and decorate trees and shrubs with colorful lanterns, balloons and fairy lights. Lanterns and lanterns with candles not only look great on tables and green areas, they also create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. As a table decoration small flowers and grass in different vases look great, a few tealights and your guests will feel at home at the party table. Last but not least, the question: With or without a tablecloth? No matter! If you prefer classic, then you will discover a summery tablecloth. Also beautiful are woven linen blankets that come along simple and stylish.

Everything for a nice garden! With us you do not need a green thumb, because our tips for beautiful flowers always ensure growing success.

The buffet

Little treats and finger food, fresh salads, cakes, meat, sausages and grilled vegetables - at a garden party, you can serve your guests many delicious snacks. A colorful buffet has something for every taste and it tastes great and small. Often, guests contribute to food and bake sweet sins like cake pops or muffins; Potato or pasta salad are also popular salads for the buffet. Fresh fruit and juicy fruit are particularly good: watermelon, strawberries and Co. are the secret stars at a summer party!

May it be a fancy dress party?

Airy dresses and skirts, shorts and T-shirts are our favorite on hot days. A dress code is not a must for a boisterous summer party or a cozy garden party. If your party is to be under a special star, then invite your guests to a fun theme party. Whether a freaky flower power party, a hippie party or a "white party", having fun is paramount at such a celebration. A summer trend and absolutely hip is currently the so-called "White Dinner". Here everything is kept in white - clothing of the guests, table decoration and garden decor. A very elegant and stylish way to organize a summer party.

Play and fun

Give your guests an unforgettable garden party with lots of fun and joy. Clever games bring plenty of momentum and provide plenty of variety. How about Viking chess, badminton or Frisbee? The little guests are especially happy about sack jumping and water games. Even with homemade soap bubbles shine the children's eyes. At a summer party, good music should not be missing. Prepare a playlist of the best songs of the summer so you just have to press play at the start of the party and then relax! Get your camera ready on this day and catch the best moments. If the party is a bit bigger, it's worth thinking about a photo box. Guests can dress up funny and shoot with different accessories, such as sunglasses, wig and Co., funny photos by self-timer! Great action!


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