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6 Foods/Drinks That keeps Your Body Cool In Summer (June 2019).


Are you planning a picnic, a barbecue on the lake or do you want to go on a long bike ride and want to keep your drinks cool for as long as possible? We have 10 tips that make this totally practical and uncomplicated!

The summer is the best season, no question. Most of the life takes place outside: cycling, barbecues, festivals, a day at the campsite or a picnic in the countryside are just some of the activities that sweeten our warm months. If you are exposed to the heat, then you have to take a lot of fluids. But every time the same problem: How do I keep the drinks cool for as long as possible? We have 10 tips that you can always hope for a cold refreshment.

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1. Preparation is everything

Make sure that all drinks you want to take with you are stored in the fridge for a sufficient period of time. This prolongs the cooling time of the drink outdoors. If you forget to cool the drinks a few hours before, it helps to put the beers, juices and water in the freezer. This method is super fast and can often be exploited to freezing point.

2. Cooler bag

The classic among the helpers. Whether you choose a cooler or a box depends on what you are planning and what means of transport you will be traveling with: practical cooler bag - bicycle; big freezer - car. In any case, we recommend to use enough cooling batteries and ice cubes.

3. Close stratification

Be sure to stack the drinks as closely as possible so that the surface to be cooled is as small as possible.

4. Do-it-yourself

You can also easily protect yourself from heat from Styrofoam plates yourself: Simply punch or cut the desired amount of holes in two plates lying on top of each other and place the containers to be cooled, such as bottles. Additional protection is provided by a matching lid and bottom.

5. Use nature

If you think about picnicking or barbequing near a creek, do it and use the cold water to cool your drinks. The drinks can simply be placed in the cold water and stay cool - very cold ice packs, ice cream and impractical cool boxes.

6. Drinking swimming tires

Of course, this method will only be of use to you if you stay longer at the lake, river or creek: A drink box swimming ring is available from just 8 euros. Just put the crate of beer in there - but beware: If the swim ring is not tied up, there is a risk that you break up cold beer to other shores. So always tie tight.

7. Buried

Dig a hole! That's no joke, because the deeper you dig (at least half a meter), the cooler you can enjoy afterwards. Absolutely cover with earth - and memorize the place exactly.

8. Ice block

Unfortunately, the block of ice melts after some time, but still a box of beer can be kept cool for the beginning. You can get it - suitable for 0.5 liter bottles - from 12 euros in various online shops.

9. Cool by evaporation cold

Do you still have a sock left? In fact, this method helps prevent drinks from getting warm: simply soak the sock in cold water and put a bottle in it. Then off to the sun - the evaporation of water in the sun creates cold. Wind is definitely helpful for the cooling process.

10. Thermo mug

Yes, an insulated cup not only keeps you warm, but also cold. A thermo mug is more suitable for short-term cooling, but does its job anyway: The drink stays really cool during this time and provides the desired refreshment.

Tip: By the way, a cooling with dry ice is strongly discouraged as it can lead to injuries and be poisonous.

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