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Sport despite heat 5 tips for safe running in the summer

How to stay safe in the heat of summer football practice (March 2019).


Who wants to dedicate himself to running in midsummer, should take the heat seriously and pay attention to his body. Which tips are useful outside - and prevent a circulatory collapse - learn here with us.

We Germans like to complain about the weather - especially when it comes to sports activities in the fresh air. At temperatures around freezing and in the rain it's just not fun to run - point. But not really in the heat. What also makes running at hot temperatures a health risk is the high fluid loss. Due to the sweating and the effort, we demand a lot from our body. So what can you do to go jogging despite the heat and without guilty conscience? We contacted the medical director of the University Clinic Eppendorf, Priv. Dr. Doz. med. Götz Welsch, in demand, and put together 5 valuable tips for running in the summer.

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Tip # 1: Drink, drink, drink

Water march! Even before the run you should fill the body's own water storage well. The best time is one hour before starting, so that the liquid does not chew unpleasantly in the stomach and leads to nausea or abdominal pain. If the run takes longer than 45 minutes, you may also like to take a few sips of water from a so-called jogging bottle. After the run, in any case continue to drink at least 500 ml of water, or better still, an isotonic drink with electrolytes.

Tip # 2: Sunscreen for skin and eyes

During a run, the skin is exposed to the sun without protection. And we know: the hotter the air, the shorter the sportswear. So make sure you get some cream with sunscreen before the run. Especially important is the face. Be sure to wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays. Generally it is not recommended to walk in the midday heat. Plan your run in the early morning or evening hours. And if it should be around noon, look for a shady running track, preferably in the woods.

Tip 3: The right clothes

For running in heat light, especially breathable functional clothing is suitable. The material should be nice and light and fast drying. So that the heated body quickly acclimatizes after the run, a cold shower or a wet towel will help you to put on your head, legs or shoulder. Never wrap your neck with an ice-cold towel, as the blood vessels constrict and can cause you to faint.

Tip 4: Adjust performance constantly

When it's warm outside, every movement becomes a physical effort. If you also want to do some outdoor exercise, you do not want to give your body too much. Reduce mileage and adjust it. Also adjust the running distance and the run length of the temperature and prefer to be more careful. Too much ambition does not pay off on hot days, but rather harms health.

Tip 5: Immediately stop the run if you feel unwell

If you become dizzy or run into cramps while running, stop the run immediately. Even at Schüttelforst, whether hot or cold, the pace is significantly reduced. The ozone value can affect your own mileage and negatively affect it. Inform yourself before the run about the ozone level. An ozone level of about 180 micrograms of ozone per square meter of air is borderline and can affect your health - you should prefer a run in the sun at this time. In the event that you feel uncomfortable with the first run attempt or possibly are pre-existing, you can check with the doctor. The high heat load should not be a risk.

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