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Sewing instructions Cool sports bag to make your own

Free Drawstring Bag Pattern And Tutorial - Perfect For A School Sports Bag (April 2019).


Our free sewing instructions for a cool XL sports bag made of soft nappa imitation is just fun! A lot fits into the unmistakable bag.

Dimensions:approx. 60 x 30 cm


For the bag:black artificial leather, W 140 x approx. L 60 cm; orange artificial leather, W 140 x approx. L 35 cm; Decofil light, W 90 x L 90 cm; Decofil, W 90 x approx. L 30 cm; 2 white sport zippers with approx. 1 cm wide zipper bead (for jackets), each approx. L 40-45 cm; white webbing, B 4 x approx. L 3.5 m

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For the inside pocket for buttoning:darkening fabric (one side black, one side white), approx. W 140 x L 45 cm; 2 black zippers, each L 40 cm long; 6 silver-colored sewing back buttons, Ø 8 mm; Also suitable sewing thread, pins, ironing cloth, hammer, zipper and Teflon feet for the sewing machine

For the cut:ruler, tape measure, compass or pen and string, pencil, chalk pen, tape, scissors, paper

Cut position for bag and inside pocket

Important:label all cut parts carefully.

Download the free sewing instructions for the cool XL sports bag at for free >>

Record a rectangle of L 60 x H 34 cm on paper and cut out. Use the ruler to mark a 4 cm wide strip (= 1/2 incised bottom of the inside pocket) on the 60 cm long edge. Fold the strip over and put it in half (= 30 x 30 cm). From the lower break point (at the break) with the compass (or pin and cord) hit a quarter circle to the outer edge and cut out. Fully open the cut and mark on the two sides the markings for the press studs (= 13 cm from the bottom edge) and the zipper insert (= 19 cm from the bottom edge) of the inside pocket. For the position of the risers, draw 8.5 cm (2 inches) wide vertical strips at 8.5 cm from the center break.

For the bottom of the bag, record and cut out a rectangle of 26 x 60 cm. For the side parts a rectangle of 12.5 x 80 cm (= ½ zipper side part) and a rectangle of 9 x 26 cm (= lower closed side part).

Cutting:All parts are cut with 1 cm seam allowance.

Made of darkening fabric: For inner front and back pockets incl. Cut bottom: 2 x the semicircle For the pushbutton bottles 6 rectangles of 8 x 4.5 cm

Made of orange-red artificial leather:For the front and back pockets: 2 x the semicircle (Attention: fold away the 4 cm wide cut strip!)

Made of black artificial leather :

  • 1 x the floor
  • 2 x ½ zippered side part
  • 2 x lower side part

From Decofil light :

  • 2 x the semicircle (Attention: fold away the 4 cm wide cut strip!)
  • 2 x ½ zippered side part
  • 2 x lower side part

From Decofil :

  • 1 x the floor without seam allowances


  1. Sew inner pocket:The black fabric points outwards, the white one inside.
  2. Turn the tabs 2 cm to the middle, lay them in half and stitch them all around (finished size = B 8 x L 4.5 cm), the black side of the fabric lies outside.
  3. In four tabs in each case center on a short side a lower part of the printer (= hole) beat. In two tabs in each case center on a short side an upper part of the printer (= knobs) beat.
  4. Close the side seams except for the zipper opening, with the two tabs with the upper printer parts at the marked points (see section). The tabs point outwards (right side of the fabric).
  5. Put the two zippers underneath and quilt. The zippers meet up in the middle. Open the zippers again.
  6. Close the lower center seam.
  7. Place a triangle in the corners at right angles to the side seams and stitch the triangle base (= 8 cm).
  8. Turn the inside pocket on the right side and stitch on the ground parallel to the middle seam at a distance of 3.5 cm on both sides of a piping, stitching the triangle with it.
  9. Insert a top part of the printer into the sewn-on triangles (= buttons), the triangular parts of the inside pocket will later be fixed to the bottom of the bag with snap-fastener pockets.
  10. Tip: Knot a ribbon into the two zipper pullers so you can put them on better.
  11. Sewing bag:Iron all inserts according to the respective instructions on the left side of the fabric of the cut parts and allow to cool.
  12. Topstitch all inserts with the sewing machine around the edges.
  13. Quilt the bottom insert round edged, while holding in each case in the middle of the short sides a push button pocket for attaching the inside pocket.
  14. Insert the two zippers into the side panels. The zippers meet up in the middle. Paint the seam allowances to the side panels and topstitch from the right.
  15. Quilt the lower side panels to the short sides of the zipper parts. Diverge the seam allowances and stitch off from the right edge.
  16. From the left, stitch the last two fastening straps of the inside pocket on the lower side panels, just across the zipper. Tip: Check the position in advance with the counterparts on the inside pocket.
  17. Sew pocket front and back to the floor.
  18. Halve the webbing for the bag carriers and first draw the line of the carrier with chalk on the bottom and pocket parts and then determine the carrier length. Fix one end of the tape at the middle of the floor with adhesive tape, pull it up on one side of the pocket front part by the marked line, leave a loop and lead it to the bottom on the same pocket side on the second marked line. Fix the second band opposite to the other side of the bag. The band ends meet in the middle of the ground. If necessary correct the carrier length.
  19. Tap the strap on the bag. Start at the bottom and stitch the ends several times. At the top of the pocket, stitch the belt up to 3 cm from the edge. At this height each stitch a cross bar of 4 x 4 cm.
  20. Sew the zip fastener with the short sides to the bottom of the bag.
  21. Sew the rounding of the front and back pockets to the long sides of the zipper part.
  22. Button the inside pockets. Close the zipper.

Download sewing instructions

Click here to download the complete guide for the chic sports bag >>

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