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Who is sitting where? Seating table for the wedding itself

Pre-Wedding Planning : How to Make a Seating Plan For Your Wedding Dinner (April 2019).


Place cards are nice and good and they certainly fulfill their purpose, but for a little variety, this seating table provides. Guests have to use the red string to find out where they are sitting. Make yourself a seating board for your wedding. The instructions are here.

Seating plan for the wedding

When the right people sit together, it lifts the mood. At this table the wedding guests just have to follow the red thread. Then everyone finds his place.

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  • MDF board, 120 x 60 cm
  • Blackboard foil, 120 x 60 cm
  • Small nails (amount according to the guests)
  • Big nails (amount according to the tables)
  • Red wool
  • Chalk or chalk pen


  • hammer
  • scissors
  • soapsuds


  1. To prevent air bubbles from forming under the film when sticking the sheet, first apply a little soapy water to the MDF board. Then pull the film on; this is best done in pairs. If there are still small bubbles, you can easily push them away with the help of a piece of cardboard. Particularly stubborn bubbles can also be pierced with a small needle.
  2. Now the foil can be labeled: At the top you write the initials of the bridal couple on the blackboard. On the right edge you list all the table numbers among each other, on the left side the names of the guests.
  3. Attach a small nail next to each name, a large one next to each table number.
  4. Now you can connect a table number and a name to a band. The result is a thread labyrinth, where every guest can find a bit of skill to his table.

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