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Marry ideas for the wedding table decoration

8 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas - HGTV Handmade (June 2019).


Every bride knows: A festive table with beautiful table decoration is part of every wedding ceremony like the wedding dance or the kiss after the "yes". We give you tips and ideas for the perfect decoration - so that this day is unforgettable for your guests.

The wedding dress sits, bridal hair and wedding make-up are perfect, groomsmen are organized and equipped, the groom looks good too. But the perfect wedding is about so much more than just adorning the participants. Create the guests next to you as a newlyweds with a beautiful decoration another eye-catcher. A well decorated wedding table should not be missed to give everyone a wonderful, festive ambience. The decoration accompanies you and your guests throughout the evening and should therefore be chosen carefully and carefully.

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Basics for the table decoration

A nice idea is a combination of table and menu card. Provide small bags or bags - perhaps made of transparent film or shiny organza fabric - with labels on which the name of the guest is clearly legible as a place card. Feed the sachet with a small rolled-up menu, attached with a bow, and then fill it with confetti or flowers. Also, small gifts can be easily placed in the small bag, without this take on the table extra space. For example, printed candies, chocolate or jam jars with homemade jam for each guest are a nice gift idea for your guests.

The wedding decoration consists of many individual components, which should be put together in the end to a harmonious, visually beautiful whole. Therefore, take enough time to think about the choice of the perfect table decoration and in any case coordinate with your partner. Once you have found what you are looking for, nothing can stand in the way of the perfect wedding celebration. We wish you good luck for the best day in your life.

Diy instructions for the wedding table decoration

Deco from the preserve

Can you imagine placing tin cans on your wedding table? Do not worry, this deco element in shabby chic is currently in hot spot and looks really elegant.

You need:

  • empty tin cans
  • (Spray) paint in the colors of your choice
  • tealights
  • metal bracket
  • a drill

That's how it's done:

  1. Remove the label of the tin can and clean it inside and out. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the can, so no one can hurt it.
  2. Drill a few holes in the wall of the can. These can be irregular, in lines or heart shape.
  3. Spray the can with a paint in the color of your choice. Of course, the colors white, pink and red are particularly suitable for a wedding. The cans look particularly elegant in gold or rose gold.
  4. With a tealight filled you can put the cans on the table. If you attach a metal bracket to the can opening, you can even hang the homemade lanterns.

Personalized table runner

A table runner is too expensive for you? No problem at all: Just make your own one, and that from photos.

You need:

  • many photos (printed or developed)
  • Glue

That's how it's done:

  1. Print large numbers of photos. In drugstores, this is fast, easy and, in the case of a large number of items, quite inexpensive. Of course, the motifs should suit the occasion, so show the bridal couple and their shared memories.
  2. Simply stick the photos on and over each other to create an elongated table runner.


The money is not enough for vases? Not bad at all: At the moment, bottles and preserving jars are totally in demand anyway. Make it easy for a romantic, colorful sea of ​​flowers.

You need:

  • many white glass bottles and preserving jars
  • wildflowers
  • lace ribbons
  • Schleifenband
  • bast

That's how it's done:

  1. First, remove the labels on bottles and glasses. Then they can be covered with lace or ribbon or wrapped with raffia.
  2. Fill the jars with water and add colorful wildflowers. The more you have of the flower vases, the more beautiful the decoration will look.

Flaming heart

This lantern succeeds everyone. It looks great and is very reasonably priced.

You need:

  • old newspapers
  • jars
  • tealights
  • Seconds or hot glue
  • a scissors
  • bast

That's how it's done:

  1. Cut the newspaper pages to the size of the preserving jars, so that the cutouts extend around the glass and cover the flat surfaces.
  2. Then cut a heart into the paper and glue the newspaper strip with the glue on the glass.
  3. Wrap a bast tape several times around the neck of the glass and tie a bow into it. Now the lantern is ready and can be equipped with a tealight.
  4. You can also fill the glass with water and put a floating candle in it.

Make colorful vases yourself

Your wedding motto is dominated by the colors orange, green or pink? Then add even more beautiful accents with these colorful and inexpensive vases.

You need:

  • White glass bottles
  • Wall paint

That's how it's done:

  1. Put some of the paint on the wall into a clean bottle with no label and turn the bottle until the inside wall is completely covered with paint.
  2. Allow the bottles to dry head-first in a box so that excess paint can drain off. When the paint has completely dried, you can fill the bottles with water and put in flowers.

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