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"For the good" and "For the bridal couple" - during the champagne reception may be initiated for the first time on the newly married couple. What we have to pay attention to, we have summarized for you.

Although the wedding is the most beautiful day in the life of the bridal couple, it also requires good organization and planning. An important and sometimes underrated program item is the champagne reception. Questions about how, where, when and why, we answer you here.

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When is the perfect time for a champagne reception?

Ideally, the champagne reception will take place directly after the wedding ceremony - either after leaving the church or after leaving the registry office. The wedding guests usually enjoy a glass of cold champagne or orange juice - especially if they have previously spent some time sitting in the church. Before moving on to the wedding location, guests can take a quick breath and congratulate the newlyweds.

Who organizes the champagne reception?

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple will, according to experience, have no time to also serve the sparkling wine: well-wishers usually wait in rank and file to wish the couple all the best. In addition, it will come to one or the other emotional outbreak - and then the witnesses come into play. Even if the bride and groom have organized everything in advance, the witnesses are almost predestined to serve the sparkling wine and help the bridal couple.

What else should be considered?

The future couple should clarify in advance, whether it may hold a champagne reception on the grounds of the church or the registry office at all and when the wedding party must have put everything together again. If the go is given and all agreements are made, it can be thought about the beverage selection: Which drinks should be served at the champagne reception? How many guests will be present? You are well prepared if 25% more glasses are provided if one breaks or is dropped off somewhere where the guest can no longer find it. If the champagne reception is scheduled for more than one hour, the couple may consider setting up bar tables and benches as well. Before the wedding party becomes hungry, it is essential to have a snack or finger food. The icing on the cake is provided by balloons, which rise into the air during the champagne reception - pure romance!

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