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Gift idea wedding lantern with engraving

Laser Cut Lantern | Paper Lantern | Laser Cut Paper (May 2019).


With a filigree engraving, you can give each gift a personal touch and customize it. How about an atmospheric lantern for the newlywed couple?

Personalized wind light

Craft materials:

  • a lantern with engraving
  • Gift tag cream (9 x 4.5 cm)
  • Cord (cream, 4 mm)
  • colored fineliner
  • Motive punch heart 2, 5 cm
  • Flowers and grasses
  • Tied wire green
  • scissors

That's how it's done:

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  1. Write your wishes for the bridal couple with a colorful pen on the gift tag and punch out with the Motivlocher a heart. Thread the cord through the punched out heart and attach the pendant to the handle of the lantern.
  2. Tie some of the flowers and grasses together with a little wire into a small bouquet and fix them to the cord of the gift tag.
  3. Decorate the case with the remaining grasses and flowers.

Tip: If you also want to give away money, you can store it in the interior of the lantern.

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