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Wedding traditions for the wedding day

The Bizarre But True Origins Of Wedding Traditions (May 2019).


In the course of marriage, a couple grows ever closer together and goes through highs and lows. The wedding day symbolizes that it is worthwhile to work on the marriage. We've put together a few tips to help you remember your wedding day and what you can give your loved one on the occasion.

Do not forget wedding day

Every year it happens again: One of the spouses forgets the wedding day. To avoid this, there are a few tricks: If you did not marry on a succinct date from the start - such as 12/12/12 or one of your spouse's birthdays - you can put the date on your family calendar like a birthday. Thus, both spouses lose the date not so quickly out of sight. If you know that your husband forgets the day, just talk to him a while in advance. Ask him, for example, if and how you want to celebrate the day and if you give yourself something. By doing this, you avoid waiting for a sign from your partner on your wedding day and you may be unhappy afterward. Otherwise, celebrating the wedding day is indeed a romantic gesture, especially important is this single day but not really, right?

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Gifts for the wedding day

Personalized gifts are a big hit on the wedding day. Labeled cups, pillows, pens, or photo albums are unlikely to knock most people off the stool. Flowers, chocolates or wine are classics that you can enjoy together as a couple. Instead of a little heart pillow would be a picnic, a self-cooked dinner or a barbecue with friends a nice idea? Or is there a common activity that you like to pursue in everyday life? Then a bike tour or a visit to the spa could be a nice idea. The wedding day is about you as a couple and about enjoying the time together and appreciating the development within the marriage.

Special wedding days

Nearly every marriage year can be assigned a term. For example, the first wedding day is called "paper wedding", because the marriage is still young and unstable, just like paper, it can still be easily damaged - so at least the assumption.

Symbolic gifts can therefore be made during the special wedding days. For the fifth wedding anniversary, the wooden wedding, one could, for example, buy a wooden bench for the garden, which can of course also be personalized by engraving. Because for the wooden wedding, marriage is already much stronger than for the paper. A well-maintained wooden bench - where you both find your place - and a well-groomed marriage can last a lifetime. Less spectacular but just as beautiful could be the gift for the ten-year wedding, the rose wedding, fail. Ten long-stemmed roses illustrate the occasion and are always a romantic gesture.

The silver wedding

Most couples celebrate their silver wedding, the 25th anniversary of their vows. In many regions of Germany, the house of the spouses is decorated for this occasion with fir branches, box trees and of course silver-colored elements. Often there is a celebration to which once again the wedding guests of the day and all the people who have become important to you during the marriage are invited. A silver-colored wedding crown of fir or birch branches decorates the wedding table traditionally, many couples renew their allegiance to this occasion again. The party is often initiated by a bachelor party.

The gold wedding

The next big ward of marriage is the golden wedding. Often, this wedding celebration is the first in which the children of the couple take over the organization. Also at this celebration, the house is decorated with golden elements, as well as the banquet table. A golden wedding crown should now be on the table and speeches will be held. Many couples are presenting a new golden ring for this anniversary.

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