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Marry Savings dream wedding - save with profit

A Simple Trick on How to Save Up A Lot of Money Fast (May 2019).


More and more couples are choosing marriage again. And in the last few moves before the wedding it is usually pretty chaotic. It becomes particularly hectic when time is not enough to compare offers of all kinds and to select the best option in peace. Fast then sometimes the wedding budget is exceeded. "That does not have to be", we say - with a few savings tips for your dream wedding.

  • Be patient in finding bargains and offers - the first offer is rarely the best
  • Often high costs can be saved by acquaintances and friends
  • Less is sometimes more: Not everything that others do on their celebration has to happen at your wedding

With a little imagination and organizational talent, a beautiful wedding can be arranged for every wallet. Still, put your dreams on a financially sound foundation. Determine in advance how much you want to spend and set a fixed budget for your dream wedding. Think carefully about how much you want to spend on what. Then look at each position in peace and think about where you can save.
The sooner you start looking for locations, outfits and suppliers, the more choices and savings you will have. Be persistent in the search for solutions and do not give the first best the contract.

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Find the perfect supplier

A good supplier should listen to your ideas in peace, respond to them, financially as well, and make you a comprehensive offer. Compare enough suppliers and think in peace, who you agree. Have all ordered services and goods confirmed in writing. Make sure that all details such as quantity, equipment, delivery time and place of delivery are listed.

Great party

A glittering party can take place away from the usual hotels and halls. Organize the entertainment yourself. The private garden or a garden of friends is an excellent backdrop for a nice party in a family atmosphere. Ask friends for help, for example, everyone could contribute to the buffet and you could provide drinks. Apart from lanterns or other lighting, a decoration is unnecessary outdoors.

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