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Braiding instructions Messy-Infinity braid

How to Make the Infinity Braid on Yourself - a Basic Braiding Tutorial (June 2019).


You have not come to this braiding method yet: The technique is simple and still conjures a totally unusual, trendy Messy braid.

Messy nice

Click through and imitate: Our hairstyle instructions for the Messy Infinity braid are super fast. Here we go!

This manual was provided by STYLIGHT.

Step 1 of 5:

Divide the hair sideways into two parts.

Step 2 of 5:

Remove a strand from the back part and first pass it over the back part …

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Step 3 of 5:

… and then under the front part.

Step 4 of 5:

The same strand is now led back to the back over the front part.

Step 5 of 5:

The strand runs like an eight and is then placed back under the back, to then let them run forward again. Repeat this braiding technique until the strand is too short. Then add a new strand to the short and just continue to braid.


And the trendy Messy Infinity braid is ready! Fix it with a hair tie and pull the strands a little bit apart, so that the braid also looks pretty messy.

How about a Gretchenzopf? Here you will find the instructions >>

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