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In love, engaged, married handkerchiefs for happy tears to DIY

Sense and Sensibility (8/8) Movie CLIP - Happy Tears (1995) HD (June 2019).


In love, engaged and (almost) married! Our dear colleague Olga is like many brides - she is in the wedding preparations, plans, organizes the stuff and just makes many things for her wedding by herself. With you she shares her creative instructions and explains how to make them easily are. Thanks, Olga and all the best!

Handkerchiefs for the tears of joy

You need:

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  • Paper or cardboard
  • Deco ribbon of your choice
  • handkerchiefs
  • A romantic-beautiful wedding that really brings your guests tears of joy

That's how it's done:

Measure 1 card: 24.75 x 99mm. On an A4 sheet fit about 24 cards.

2 For better illustration, just download our PDF template for free and place your own icon, initials or any other type of text on the card.

3 Now print the cards and cut them out.

4 Simply lay the finished cards on the handkerchief and fasten with a ribbon loop - done!

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