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Handicraft instruction Christmas trees made of paper

3D Paper Christmas Tree | How to Make a 3D Paper Xmas Tree DIY Tutorial (May 2019).


Nice and stable: the deco-fir trees survive a hot Christmas party. Below you will find the instructions with templates as a free PDF download.

paper fir

Size: about 11 cm wide, 15 cm high

Material: white cardboard, newsprint or other printed paper, franked stamps, small star stickers, craft glue, scissors or cutter.


  • Increase the fir to 125%.
  • Cut the fir from the cardboard 2x.
  • Cover the cardboard with the printed paper on both sides.
  • Cut a part vertically from bottom to center, cut vertically the other part from top to center.
  • Decorate both parts with the stamps and stars, then slide them into each other.

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