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Review Our short trip with the camper

Cirrus 670 Tour! The new half-ton short bed truck camper! (June 2019).


We tested the camper thoroughly. How our test turned out and whether the camper has enriched our camping weekend with the whole family, read here.

Granted, my youngest son was not terribly astonished when parked 6.5 meters long and a good 2 meters wide motorhome with us in the courtyard entrance. And my husband and I were immediately impressed by the appearance of the vehicle. The first glimpse inside the vehicle finally aroused the anticipation of our camping weekend together. Highly motivated, we had packed our belongings in no time. The high-quality equipment and the extensive furniture of the campers offer plenty of space for everything that you carry around as a family just like that. In particular, the rear garage has plenty of storage space for camping tables, chairs, baskets with toys, beach clothes, tool box and camper connection cable and hoses. With a little packaging talent even up to four bikes fit on the carrier.

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Mobile home holiday as a little adventure

So it could start. On the question of my husband, who will now drive the 3499 kg vehicle to the campsite, I volunteered. Apparently, I have left my answer a little too long time, because he and my two sons looked at me with wide eyes. Admittedly, I was not very fond of this vehicle over 3 meters high, but already shortly after I got behind the wheel and looked there examining in outside and inside mirrors, I felt ready, the distance to about 80 km from the South Sea campsite to start. On the way from Hamburg to Wietzendorf everything ran like clockwork. Due to the raised seat I had a good all-round view and the rear-view camera was a good support when maneuvering at the campsite. My husband did not hesitate to drive the vehicle over the campsite and park it.

Lost in thought at night, for example, to go to the bathroom, is one of the things that I will not try again in the motorhome in the future. Here I advise you to gather before all of a sudden and to make aware of the low ceiling height and possibly turn on the light. Because Leiter & Co. offer some pitfalls that should not be underestimated. Especially with children, caution is needed. Those who internalize this, can otherwise enjoy a restful night on comfortable beds. The privacy screens on all windows and in the driver's cab darken the interior sufficiently. Only the skylight presented us with a decision: fresh air and no darkening or just a dark interior with a tendency to stuffy air. Since we are less sensitive to light than lovers of fresh air, we have opted for the former variant.

After a quiet and restful night we started our first holiday and decided to have breakfast at the spacious table with bench. Even a scrambled egg and pancakes for the boys could be prepared on the gas stove with three flames. For four people is really enough space. It should not be more. Although there are two extra beds in the motorhome, but at the expense of seating. Over day and at 30 degrees outside temperature, we used the air conditioning in the cab more often. The cooled, but it was still very warm in the rear of the vehicle. However, this did not matter much to our sons. They played and romped in and around the camper. The fact that the beds can be shielded with curtains, a parent could sometimes withdraw a little.

On one point, however, my husband could not get away during our camping getaway: "empty toilet cassette" counted in my opinion quite clearly to his area of ​​responsibility. Somewhat disgruntled and skeptical, he pulled out the cartouche, and at the same time took out the small suitcase and brought it to the designated location on the campsite. That was all. I think he had somehow presented something more complicated.

Less luxury with more joy

Another relaxed night followed and a little sad about the too quickly passed time in our beloved RV we made our way back home in the afternoon. Back at home, we all discovered with astonishment: Holiday in the motor home not only welds together, it is especially fun with simply less luxury, but still sufficiently comfortable to go on holiday. The weekend in our camper was a great adventure, which we would like to experience more often in the future.

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