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Improve Your Sense Of Humor & Personality | 7 Tips To Be Funnier (May 2019).


Humor is often considered a fixed feature of the personality that can not be changed or produced; but that is not the case. Humor can be learned and trained, helping to make your life happier. To this end, there are more and more training programs and seminars for people who want to better manage their lives with more humor.

To see his counterpart laugh, has a positive effect on our own mood. When we decide whether to find a person sympathetic, that is largely due to their humor. However, we often do this subconsciously, as we generally do not care much about this great character trait.

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In which situations do we need humor?

Often humor is associated with special situations and things, such as children's birthday parties, clowns or stand-up comedy. We often ignore the everyday aspect of humor. However, it has been scientifically proven that whoever shows a certain degree of humor in everyday life often maintains better relationships with friends or work colleagues, is better able to integrate into conversations and generally feels more relaxed and happy. The first step here is: make you aware that humor in almost every situation has a positive effect on their state of mind and can help you deal with the situation.

What exactly can I achieve through a humor training seminar?

In the course of a seminar you will notice that humor helps you to succeed in more life situations than expected. On the one hand, communication with people in their environment, such as work colleagues, potential customers, supervisors etc., will be easier. You will learn to be more relaxed and less nervous in conversations.
On the other hand, it also helps to personally go through life with more humor; You will notice how you react calmly in stressful situations and laugh more about yourself. Do not take yourself too seriously and the pondering and annoyance will decrease significantly.

Where can I register for such seminars?

Seminars and workshops can be found online quickly. There is already a diverse selection of different programs; some spread over several days, others take only one day. Appointments can be booked online, information on prices is usually available on request and is often negotiable. Often, the appropriate providers also have a page with reviews, where you can first browse a bit in various reviews before you commit yourself.

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