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Choosing The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone (June 2019).


Dealing with colors is more difficult than some think. Many do not know what you are. Are they now garish or rather muted colors? With our color advice, you are guaranteed to find the right colors for you.

You are unsure which colors are good for you? Or just unhappy about the contents of your wardrobe? Believe it or not, colors have a huge impact on us humans. And because there are different types, colors are different in each person. We explain the four color types according to the seasons. Let yourself be surprised by our topic and get to know a whole new page. Certainly the right color for our color consultation is also there for you.

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The advantages of a color consultation

When and why is color advice useful for you? Many people have committed themselves to a certain style at an early age and over time they lose sight of whether it still suits you. A color consultation can help to color-technically adapt to his face, his eye color and his hair. By finding out which colors suit your type best, you'll feel better in your skin as well. The result of such a consultation is usually a great help and can increase your self-confidence enormously. Because if you do something good for your body and soul, it also has a positive effect on your self-confidence. And who does not want to look good? If you feel insecure about clothing or even want to change, then the advice is just right for you. In addition, you save money by not only spending money on clothes that you never wear or in the end you do not like. And your closet makes a clothes diet so that it looks good again and there are only clothes in it that you still really wear. It's not just about fashion, it's also about beauty products that suit you. Once you have found your colors and gained new self-confidence, that leads to much serenity and balance. In addition, dealing with colors can be a lot of fun. Professionally, it pays off if you meet many people in your job or plan a change. Have fun with our color advice.

The different color types

The four different color types are divided into the four seasons. The spring and autumn types are rather warm-toning and the summer and winter types are cold-toned. Find your type and get to know each other again. We introduce the four color types with all nuances.

Color advice for fall type - muted colors

Autumn: These colors warm the soul.

Skin type: The skin of the autumn type is very warm and golden. There may also be freckles that have a reddish tone.

Eyes: Mostly the fall type has brown eyes. They can also be green or light to turquoise blue with a dark border.

Hair: Autumn types often have reddish hair, but also medium to dark blonde is possible. Even brown hair with a reddish glow are among the fall types.

Their colors: Avoid bright, cool colors and black. Colors that suit you are colors of nature in autumn. Earthy and warm colors, like brown or khaki. But also bright colors like red are advantageous. As a make-up, you can therefore use wonderfully red colors for the lips and the rest of the make-up discreetly in natural tones.

Color advice for the winter type - strong colors

Skin: If your skin is very pale (white, olive) then you are a winter type.

Eyes: Dark eyes, especially blue and brown variations as well as various shades of brown, gray blue, dark blue or green.

Hair: The hair is mostly dark. Either brown, dark blond or black.

Their colors: You should definitely avoid the tones of the autumn type and try it with cooler colors. Pink, blue, green, yellow or turquoise, but better no orange, are perfect for you. The winter type is the only type of color, which is also great in black and white. When it comes to make-up, you can be brave. You can use gaudy tones, such as red or pink. For the right complexion you should use a primer with a slight blue cast.

Color advice for the spring type - bright colors

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Skin: The skin of the spring type is light and fine pored. She is often peach-colored or golden, but always has a yellowish sting. Often, brownish freckles are seen. Since the skin is so tender, red spots easily develop during stress.

Eyes: The eyes are usually blue, gray-green or golden-brown.

Hair: Bright hair in different blonde tones are a feature of the spring type. Aschblond is not one of them.

Your colors: Intensive or heavy colors should be avoided. Wear clear, bright tones, such as apricot, light red, bright violet, sun yellow or orange. Since your complexion is very pure, a tinted day cream is sufficient as a primer. As a lipstick, eyeshadow and blush you can use bright colors like pink or apricot.

Color advice for the summer type - cool colors

Skin: The skin of the summer type is usually bright or rosy.

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In contrast to the spring type, the summer type often has freckles, but these are rather greyish brown. Generally the skin color is rather cool.

Eyes: Blue and hazel eyes are common. The eye's white is often very milky.

Hair: The summer type can have any hair color except hair that shimmers reddish or gold.

Their colors: Cool, soft and muted colors, such as lilac, light blue, mint or pink, suit you best. When it comes to make-up, you can experiment with bright colors like Bordeaux for the lips and light blue as an eye shadow.

If you are not sure which color type you are, then do the free FÜ test for your personal color advice >>

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