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Skigymnastik Fit and slim for the slopes

Skiing fitness exercise: squats for the snow slopes (June 2019).


This winter, it's time to go skiing again in the mountains? Sounds good! With our exercises and tips for ski gymnastics, you will not only look good on slopes and skis.

Those who can not get enough of white slopes and snow-covered mountains are often also keen winter sports enthusiasts. Cross-country skiing, skiing or snowboarding, but most of the time you only stand on the boards for one to two years and you are not quite up to the challenge. But many also dare untrained in the snow. But that can be a disadvantage on the slopes. Because without preparation and training our muscles are not prepared for the unfamiliar movements of skiing. Especially the legs are fast flabby, which can lead to falls, strains or injuries faster.

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Fit through the winter

With targeted training and simple exercises but you can remedy. Skigymnastik provides optimal physical conditions for the sporty activity on the slopes. Now do not think about the instructions of the telegraphic videos from the eighties. This is already a thing of the past. Did you know that ski gymnastics is great even for bacon - even if you do not intend to go to the mountains. A good ski workout trains endurance, strength and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Unattractive fat pads on the stomach and legs disappear in no time.

The workout

Training includes strength and endurance exercises that mobilize and stabilize. In addition to flexibility, body control and flexibility are also improved through ski gymnastics. Most exercises can be completed at home with some tools or even with your own physical strength.

Exercises to warm up

Prima warm-up exercises are jumping rope or climbing stairs. In addition, it is important to require the jump and knee joints. For those who like to do exercises according to instructions, here are two more suggestions:

For the balance

Step hopping: Stand in front of a step. The feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. Now jump with both feet at the same time without much momentum on the step. Balance your weight. Then you hop back down again. Three sets of 10 repetitions. Balancing on wobbly boards or the slackline (balancing rope) can also prepare optimally for the sport.

For your strength

Squat: Stand up. The feet shoulder width apart. Crouch down, keep your back straight. The knees must not go further than the foot end, which means you have to be able to see your feet. The goal is to reach the position in which you drive in the shot along the runway. Press your arms against the body as if you were holding your ski poles there. Stay in position for 30 seconds. 3 repetition sets. Classic squats can also be completed.

This is how you train your stamina

Even the exercises to warm up train the stamina. If you also want to do something for your fitness then go running two to three times a week.

Begin the exercises at least four weeks before your skiing holiday. Two to three units with a length of 20-30 minutes should be enough to get you ready for the piste.

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