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Workout butt exercises for the home

5-Minute Butt-Firming Workout (May 2019).


Have you ever dreamed of a sexy butt à la Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? But do not feel like going to a stuffy gym? No problem! With our home exercises, you get a little closer to your dream of Knackpo!

In order for your training to be firm, you should work out for about 20 minutes two to three times a week. Perform your sports exercises on a soft and non-slip surface to avoid injury. Breathe calmly and evenly during the exercises. If you are tensing your muscles, exhale. This helps you to easily master the butt exercise. In the following, we have put together simple exercises for you that will not only delight your butt, but your whole body - especially the stomach, back and legs. Have fun!

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Warm-up for the muscles

Before you start the workout, you should warm up. To avoid strains and injuries. Five minutes on the spot are enough. Are you really warm now? Does your body feel relaxed and relaxed? Then you can start with your workout!

The best butt exercises for the home

Exercise kneeling

Embark in the quadruped stand. Hands and knees touch the ground. Lift your left knee until your thigh and bottom are approximately parallel to each other. The lower leg points perpendicular to the ceiling. Hold the tension in the buttocks and abdomen and lower the knee slowly to the ground, but do not put it down! Repeat this exercise three times per side for 30 seconds each.

Exercise heel press

Lie on your stomach, take your arms forward and fold your hands under your forehead. Her toes touch the ground. Raise both legs straight from the ground, but not too high. Press your heels together and stretch your entire body. Repeat this exercise three times for 30 seconds each.

Exercise lunge

Stand upright with your feet hip-width. Your back is stretched out, the abdominal muscles tense and your gaze is directed forward. Now take a long step forward so that the front leg is almost at right angles. Make sure that the front knee is behind or at the same height as the other toe. Now push your upper body over the front leg and go back to the starting position. Keep a straight upper body during the executions. Repeat the exercise with the other leg - three times per side for a total of 15 repetitions.

Tip: You can intensify this exercise by using Dumbbell.

After training, relax and stretch

Lie on your back. In the supine position, the legs are crossed over each other so that your foot rests across the other thigh. With your hands, grasp your thigh and pull it strongly towards the chest. Pull your leg to your chest for about 15 to 20 seconds. Change the leg and repeat the exercise.

Every beginning is difficult

Especially at the beginning of a buttock workout soreness is not uncommon. Do not be put off and stick to your training schedule. Only with discipline is a crisp bottom guaranteed. By the way: Take care of a healthy diet during exercise. Those who treat themselves to lots of sweets, chips and more before and after the workout will find it difficult to achieve success.

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