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Water fitness trend is making a big splash (May 2019).


Aqua-Gym - the new workouts from the underwater world. Immerse yourself in pleasure and make a good figure when emerging. This is how the new water sport works.

Aqua Nia

Strengthens skin, connective tissue and muscles

Nia is a great mix of yoga, tai-chi and freedance. The gentle dance exercises make tight from the outside, strong from the inside - and above all, a lot of fun. Nia means "neuromuscular integrative action", which means activating muscles, nerves, body and mind and pushing the happiness hormones. Dancing takes about 45 minutes in chest-high water at a water temperature of 30 degrees, ideally twice a week. Nia exercises are a shift between tension and relaxation. The movements create currents and swirls in the water - resulting in a massage that strengthens the skin, connective tissue and muscles. And ligaments and joints are hardly burdened by weightlessness. For all who are just happy when dancing. Courses:

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Water shiatsu

Relieves blockages, mobilizes the joints and gives the body new impulses

"Watsu" - with this sensitive method, the therapist will literally carry you on your hands for about one hour in 34 to 35 degree water in a single session. He uses elements of massage, joint mobilization, breathing work and the Japanese finger pressure massage, the shiatsu. Weighing, wave- and spiral-shaped movements in alternation with rest let you experience a deep relaxation weightlessly. Tension dissolves, breathing becomes deeper and freer. The intensive individual sessions should take place once a month. They take about 90 minutes with pre and post discussions and take place in the private pool. Recommended for all stressed and people with back problems. Information:

Water Pilates

Strengthens the back and abdomen and forms the waist

In water as well as on land: The abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor and the gluteus maximus form the "powerhouse" and should be activated during all exercises. This stabilizes the body center. Following the program developed by Joseph Pilates, the deeper muscle layers of the abdomen and back are trained. The body must have a firm grip on the ground, special aqua-shoes support this. The water resistance massages and circulates the tissue, supports the purification and helps against annoying cellulite dents. Exercising 20 minutes 3 times a week brings you closer to the wish figure. The water level should reach to around the chest. Ideal water temperature: 26 to 28 degrees. Warmer water only tires. For figure-conscious and sports fans. Information:

Aqua boxes

Powert and give condition

Aqua Kick Punch is a powerful workout in the water with elements of martial arts. "Water is our sparring partner, " explains coach Philip Braun from the "Meridian Spa". In power music, combinations are learned and boxed against the water resistance, kicked and kicked. Training is done with weights on the feet and hands, which make the movements more effective. The goal is to get the most out of the body and release all the positives or negatives from the body into the water through the blows and kicks. Best 2 to 3 times a week. For all women who like muscles. Courses:

Tip: Water Tools

With weight to extra kick (see picture)

  • Against chicken wings: Floating paddles on the hands increase the resistance. This strengthens the arm and back muscles.
  • For a strong center: A back belt with weights helps to stabilize the posture in the water.
  • For traction: Special aqua-shoes with weights provide a firm hold against the buoyancy and strengthen leg exercises.

All Water Tools are available at sports retailers

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