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Knitting Pattern Blue Sweater "in love with blue"

Enya - Caribbean Blue (April 2019).


Flirt with color. But the clou of the sweater is the sophisticated pattern.

PULLOVER "in love with blue"

Material: ONline wool "LINE 16 STARWOOL LIGHT" (100% virgin wool, merino extra fine, 160 m = 50 g), 250 g in Royal Fb. 4 and "LINE 8 STARWOOL MAXI" (100% virgin wool, merino extra fine, 80 m = 50 g), 450 (500) g in Royal Fb. 4, knitting needles No. 3-3, 5 for STARWOOL LIGHT and No. 5, 5-6 for STARWOOL MAXI, an auxiliary needle.

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Rib pattern : ( STARWOOL LIGHT with needles no. 3-3.5) 2 sts in the right, knit 2 sts in the left side alternately. Start with a spine and split the sts as follows: edge sts, * 1 sts left, 2 sts right, 1 st left, ab * repeat all times, edge sts.

Basic pattern: ( STARWOOL MAXI with needles no. 5, 5-6) Smooth left = knit left st and back sts for right sts.

Cloqué pattern: (STARWOOL MAXI with needles no. 5, 5-6) M-number divisible by 8 + edge-M. After the knitting work. There are the Rückr drawn. Knit all sts left in the beg. The 1st-16th Repeat R always.

Mesh Samples : (STARWOOL LIGHT rib pattern, measured slightly stretched) 26 M and 32 R = 10 x 10 cm (basic pattern STARWOOL MAXI) 18 M and 26 R = 10 x 10 cm

(Cloqué pattern STARWOOL MAXI) 24 M and 26 R = 10 x 10 cm


Back piece: Cast on 114 (122) sts in STARWOOL LIGHT with needles No. 3-3.5 and knit 16 cm rib pattern, then with needles

No. 5, 5-6 in STARWOOL MAXI 7 R knit right st (= 3 visible ribs), then continue working in basic pattern. Work the Cloqué pattern after 18 (16) cm from the waistband after the knitting pattern. Attention: Begin with a back: edge sts, 4 sts before the repeat, 13x (14x) the repeat, 4 sts after the repeat, edge sts. Continue in this division.

For the armholes, after 26 (24) cm from collar, cast off 4 sts 1 time on both sides, remove 2 sts in each of 2 rows 2x and 4x 1 st = 90 (98) sts. For neckline, bind off the middle 36 sts after 44 cm from waistband, knit every 3rd and 4th st on the right side and finish both sides separately. For the rounding at the inner edge remove in every 2nd R 1x2 and 1x1 sts. Bind off at the same time for the shoulder slope in every 2nd round 3 times 8 sts (2x 9 and 1x 10 sts). When decending, knit every 3rd and 4th st on the right so that the edge does not curl.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but for the neckline, after 38 cm from the waistband cast off the middle 10 sts and finish both sides separately. For the cut-out round off in every 2nd row 1x 4, 3x 2 and 6x 1 st. When decuring, knit M at the same time so that the edge does not curl.

Sleeve: Cast on 66 (74) sts in STARWOOL LIGHT with needles Nos. 3-3.5 and knit in rib pattern. Increase the sleeve slope after 10 cm on both sides in each 8th round R 12x 1 st = 90 (98) sts. Assign the increases to the rib pattern. After 46 (45) cm cast off 4 sts for both sides on each arm ball, cast off 2x, 17x 1, 1x (3x) 2, 1x 4 and the remaining 28 st in each 2nd row.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams. For the cut-out trim, use needles Nos. 3-3.5 in STARWOOL LIGHT 120 M (front

Knit 74 sts) and 6 cm ribs. Bind off the M loosely, turn half to the left and sew on. Sew in the sleeves, then close the side and sleeve seams.

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