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Knitting Pattern Next Raglan sweater with fanny pack

Ep. 8 Irish Coffee & Short Rows (June 2019).


This wide raglan sweater made of new wool and cashmere is the perfect jacket replacement for the transitional period. The anthracite-colored sweater comes with an extra-large belly pocket, in which you can warm up your cold hands quickly.

Next raglan sweater with fanny pack

Yarn MUSSANTE: 37% new wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyamide, 8% angora, 5% cashmere (run length approx. 150 m / 50 g)

Size: 36-40, 42/44 and 46/48. The figures for size 36-40 are in front of the bracket, for size 42/44 and size 46/48 in parenthesis, separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

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Material: yarn MUSSANTE, 350 (400/450) g ​​in anthracite No. 2 and 50 g in emerald No. 37. Prym knitting needles No. 31/2 and No. 4, one each 100 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm and 40 cm long circular needle No. 4 and a 40 cm long circular needle No. 31/2.

Rib pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts alternating.

The wool package for the raglan sweater with fanny pack can be found here. Have fun knitting!

Smooth right: right, back left; in Rd only re str.

Stitch: With needles No. 4, smooth: 19-20 sts and 28-29 sts / cm = 10 cm x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 114 (122/130) sts in anthracite with needles no. 31/2 and knit 3 cm in cuff. Continue with straight needles 4 knit. Cast off 45 cm (42/39) cm for the armholes on both sides 1x 6 sts, then close the remaining 102 (110/118) sts.

Front part: As the back part str, but continue working in 21 (19/17) cm height for the pocket slots in 3 parts str and 34 (38/42) M, 46 M and 34 (38/42) M separately. When piece measures 41 (39/37) cm, knit again over all sts. Work the armholes at 45 (42/39) cm height, then shut down the 102 (110/118) Ms.

Sleeve: Cast on 38 (38/42) sts in charcoal with needles No. 31/2 and knit 3 cm in rib. Continue with needles no. 4 smooth re str. Increase the sleeve slants on both sides in each 8th round R 13 (4/0) x 1 st, every 6th row R (13/17) x 1 st and every other row (R 0 (0/2) x 1 st) = 64 (72/80) sts. At 44 cm for the armholes, bind off both sides 1x 6 sts, then close the remaining 52 (60/68) sts. Knitt the second sleeve as well.

Round yoke: Using the long circular needle, knit the sts of the back piece, one sleeve, the front piece and the second sleeve one at a time, knitting the first 2 sts on each piece, taking off the penultimate stitch, the edge stitches and the raised sts Coat = 300 (332/364) sts. Continue over all sts in stocking st. At the junctions mark 6 M each for the raglan decreases and in the following round decrease 2 M each; For this, knit the first marked st at the same time with the sts in front, knit 4 sts, lift off the last sts you have marked, knit the following stitches and pull off the raised sts. These declines every 2nd round 23 (27/31) x wdh (change to shorter knitting needles no. 4 with the corresponding M number).

Attention: Before the last decay-round the raglan-strips meet. Therefore, at the last 2 decals, knit the outer streaks of the 2 sts as before and knit the 2 sts in front of the center of the sleeve, then work 1 coat = 108 sts. Now continue with the round knitting needle No. 31/2 1 Rd left, 1 round and 7 round in rib pattern. Then cast off the sts.

Inside pocket: It is knit across. Cast 48 sts in Emerald with Needles # 4, and knit one side back, then knit stockinette st. Bind off at an approx. 24 cm height.

Completion: Stretch the part and let it dry under damp cloths. For the pocket panels, pick up 38 sts each in anthracite with needles no. 31/2 from the side edges of the center piece, 1 garter st, then in c st pattern, st the 1st row with edge st, 1 st, 2 st st. Bind off the sts at a height of 3 cm. Sew the inner pockets of the inner pocket on the inner side edges of the outer parts of the front pockets, starting at the upper edge of the slit, and sew the lower approx. 5 cm of the inner pocket underneath the slits to the inside of the front part. Sew on the side edges of the inside pocket and the side edges of the pocket panels. Close the sleeve and side seams.

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