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Knitting Pattern Sweater in the style of Davidelfin

New Style baby sweater design || knitting pattern for baby sweater (April 2019).


Knitting is the stitch of the season. That's why we present a trend model of the catwalk in each issue - with detailed instructions for copying. The sweater in the style of Davidelfin is ideal for knit beginners, the Doanload can be found below the instructions.


Material: Lana Grossa "Mare" (30% linen, 30% cotton, 40% viscose, 90 m = 50 g), 500 (550) g ​​in turquoise, knitting needles and a crochet hook No. 5.

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Waistband pattern:Krausrippen = back and right side M str.

Basic pattern: Smooth right = right M and back left M st. Dec 1 st: at the beginning of R after the edge sts M 2 st the right side together, at the R end before the edge sts M 2 st the right side sts together. Increase 1 st: Work on the R beginning after the first two M 1 sts, work on the R end before the last two M 1 sts. In the following R, fold the cover according to the basic pattern, so that no holes are formed. Pikotkante: * 3 solid M, for the jersey 3 air-M and 1 warp-M in the 1st air-M, from * always wdh.

Mesh test: 20 M and 28 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 106 (114) sts. 5 rows of rib = 3 ribs on the right side of the knit, then the basic pattern. For the side slope, after 12 cm basic pattern, remove 1 st at each side and in each 6th row decrease 6 times 1 st = 92 (100) sts, then every 10th st 5x 1 st = 102 (110) sts Cast off 51 (49) cm Basic Pattern 1x 4 (5) sts on both sides, cast off 1 st in each 2nd row = 82 (86) sts. For neckline after 70 cm cast off middle 30 sts and both End pages separately. For the rounding in every 2nd row, take another 1x 2 and 1x 1 st. Bind off at the same time for the shoulder slope in every 2nd row 2x8 and 1x7 (2x8 and 1x9) sts.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but for the neckline cast off the middle 10 sts after 63 cm and finish both sides separately. For rounding in every 2nd row remove 1x4, 1x3, 1x2, 2x1 sts, in each 4th row 2x1 sts.

Sleeve: Cast on 74 (80) sts. 5 rows = 3 ribs on the right side of the knit, then straight in the basic pattern. Cast off for the arm ball according to 19 (18) cm pattern on both sides 1x 4 (5) sts, cast off every 2 rows 1x 1, 17x (19x) 1 st, 1x 2, 1x 4 and the remaining 16 sts.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams, sew in the sleeves, then close the side and sleeve seams. From the neckline take up 88 sts (at the back 38 sts, front 50 sts) and 5 rounds at the bottom str = 1 round right st, 1 round left st in change. In the 6th round cast off all sts and crochet the picot edge. Also crochet this picot edge to the sleeve and sweater hem.

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Here you can download the knitting pattern:

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