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Light & delicious Crispy asparagus recipes

8 Delicious & Easy Asparagus Recipes – Amangzing Recipes With Asparagus (June 2019).


"You're boring me, " said the asparagus stalk to the ham and looked for new companions. We show asparagus recipes differently and wish you a lot of fun browsing and good appetite!

Scallops with green asparagus

A delicious spring recipe and a delicious creation is this dish. The scallops are fried only briefly and thus remain wonderfully tender. The green asparagus impresses with a nutty touch. The recipe for cooking can be found here >>

Asparagus with capers, tomatoes and herb butter

The asparagus packet can be prepared quickly and easily and is gently cooked in the oven. The parchment package is tightly closed, so that the vegetables remain nicely juicy. For that certain something pickled caper apples provide. With this recipe, the dish is guaranteed to succeed.

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Asparagus carpaccio with roast beef fillet

A combination of intense asparagus flavor and tender beef fillet makes gourmet hearts beat faster. This starter is a true delicacy and can be easily prepared in your own kitchen. Find out what you need here >>

Asparagus with avocado salsa

It does not always have to be hollandaise sauce for asparagus! Our avocado salsa is a tasty and healthier alternative. Grilled peppers provide the spicy taste of salsa. Here you will find the recipe >>

Baked chicken egg on Anisysop nettle puree with nut butter

You want to serve your guests a very special meal? This homemade nettle puree is guaranteed to be a conversation piece at the dinner table. Crispy asparagus and baked egg make this spring creation perfect. The detailed recipe is available here >>

Asparagus risotto with chervil salad

In this Italian version by star chef Cornelia Poletto, the asparagus is refined with white wine and fruity lemon. Fresh chervil and aromatic Parmesan give the dish that certain something. Here you will find the recipe >>

Green sabayon sauce

It does not always have to be sauce hollandaise or melted butter. This green sabayon of white wine and chervil blends perfectly with delicate asparagus spears in white and green. The sauce is made quickly and tastes guaranteed to your guests. The recipe for the Sabayon we have here for you.

Asparagus in champagne vinaigrette with king prawns

This dish is a true festive dinner for all lovers of asparagus! The shrimp are fried for only one or two minutes to keep them tender. The asparagus is seasoned with a fine champagne vinaigrette and then served as a decorative salad. Hungry? Click here for the recipe >>

Lemon asparagus duet with cress spring dip

We love the crispy barbecued vegetables especially because of its wonderful variety. This dish is proof that asparagus does not always have to be served classically with ham and hollandaise sauce. Enjoy a delicious spring creation with two asparagus and spicy cress dip. Good Appetite!

Spring asparagus with lemon and mint

Food blogger Julia of reveals a tasty recipe idea in which mint and lemon are important flavor carriers. The gently cooked asparagus is finally served with home-made sour cream dip. Here you will find the recipe >>

Asparagus from the wok with rice tagliatelle and chicken breast

The Asian cuisine sends its regards! This asparagus dish is prepared in a traditional wok from the Far East and convinces with crisp asparagus tips, tender chicken and a spicy teriyaki sauce. Fresh ginger gives the asiatic pan a fine sharpness. We'll tell you the recipe!

River zander on caramelised asparagus ragout

Fresh fish and crispy asparagus can be perfectly combined on a plate. A fine citrus sauce made of lemon, orange and lime completes the delicious main course dish wonderfully and ensures a fruity note. The recipe for cooking can be found here >>

Asparagus soup with roast guinea fowl and peanut skewer

One of the most popular dishes of the asparagus season is definitely the asparagus cream soup. We've beefed up the well-known classic and serve it with tender guinea fowl and peanut skewers. A true eye and culinary delight! Click to go directly to the appetizer >>

Beef fillet on potato and asparagus stew

A juicy steak with a nutty crust - sounds delicious? It is! Prepared on a vegetable stew refined with wild herbs, the beef fillet is a real treat. The stew is prepared with fresh potatoes and aromatic asparagus. Which ingredients you also need and how the dish is prepared, read here.

Vanilla parfait with asparagus and rhubarb compote

Crispy asparagus for dessert? Simply delicious! We prepare a sweet and sour asparagus-rhubarb compote and serve it to a heavenly vanilla parfait. Gourmets will love this creation. The recipe can be found here >>

Three delicious side dishes with asparagus

In addition to potatoes, ham and Co., there are a lot of other delicacies, which also harmonize well with the crisp stalk vegetables. How about a creamy pea and goat cheese mash? Or would you prefer bacon pancakes? What supplements we highly recommend, read here >>

Cream of asparagus with orange writing

Green or white asparagus? For our cream soup we need both varieties. The highlight: fresh ginger provides the necessary sharpness in the soup, a fruity orange gives the dish a fine acidity. Here you will find the recipe >>

Three kinds of asparagus sauces

You do not want to serve hollandaise sauce or melted butter again for the next asparagus meal? We have delicious sauce alternatives with a twist that are varied and irresistible! Find out what they are and how they are prepared here >>

Asparagus shrimp tempura with wasabi and coriander dip

With this recipe you conjure a delicious dish from Asian cuisine on the plate. Asparagus and shrimp are wrapped in a thin tempura coat and fried in tasty peanut oil. Simply delicious. The recipe can be found here >>

Spicy asparagus packet

Whether in the oven or on the grill - the asparagus packets can be prepared well and are packaged in aluminum foil gently cooked. Aromatic thyme sprigs and fruity oranges provide a Mediterranean taste sensation. The recipe for cooking can be found here >>

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