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Sunscreen Healthier tan in the shade

Is Tanning Healthy? Busting Common Myths About Tanning (June 2019).


It does the soul good, releases happy hormones and gives us an attractive tan: the sun. No wonder everyone wants to "refuel" - but as so often, everything is a matter of dose.

After long winter months, we would like to enjoy the warm rays for hours, if there were not the concerns. By current research everyone actually knows about the connection between intensive sunbathing and skin cancer. The fact that the skin suffers otherwise, if it is not properly protected, according to a study by the University of Manchester. She comes to the conclusion: For 80 percent of visible skin aging, UV rays are responsible. An amazingly high proportion - and another reason for prevention. In order to be able to enjoy this summer carefree, cosmetic researchers have continued to tinker with perfect sun protection for demanding skin - with interesting novelties and insights.

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The best formula for sunbathing: the higher the SPF, the more effective

As a reminder: The protection factor indicates how much longer you can stay creamed with a protective product in the sun without getting sunburned. For this, you multiply the skin's own protection time (depending on the skin type between 5 and 20 minutes). Experts recommend today at least SPF 30. Even more important than the height is the composition of the filters. In the past, the focus of the manufacturers was above all protection against sunburn. This is triggered by the short-wave UVB rays. Far more dangerous, however, are the UVA rays, which penetrate deep into the connective tissue and damage the cells there. Therefore, there is a new EU recommendation that requires: In all sun creams or lotions, the UVA protection must be at least 30 percent of the UVB factor. Equally important: a good dose of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which soften the long-wave infrared light, which also helps to reduce wrinkles.

Push melanin: For a healthier tan with a longer hold

Even psychology plays a role for sunscreen developers nowadays. If you are already slightly tanned, you are less exposed to the sun, so the assumption. That's why tinted sun creams, SPF makeup products and tanning enhancer products are set to have a stable high this summer. The latter contain a "Tan Activator Complex" from Buriti├Âl. This natural active ingredient is rich in carotenoids but also known for its antioxidant properties. Without solar radiation, it directly stimulates melanin production in the lower layers of the skin - unlike a self-tanner that only dyes superficially. Smart tans just healthier.

The right amount makes it: When creaming rather padding instead of spilling

Unfortunately it is the other way round in reality. Recent research by Eucerin has shown that most use too little. Even worse: women forget to cream 14 percent of their body surface, men even 22 percent. Especially feet, vertices, backs are too short. 30 milliliters of sunscreen (equivalent to about 3 tablespoons) is the minimum to be protected from head to toe. Only then will you reach the protection factor indicated on the bottle. Also cream every two hours.

Prevent Wrinkles: Protective creams now have anti-aging effects

How a sunburn causes skin cancer? Read here.

Quite smart, what cosmetics companies have developed there: sun creams for the face now provide much more than just UV protection, namely a lot of anti-aging ingredients, especially hyaluronic acid. The gel-like substance is a natural. Only one gram can bind and store up to six liters of water. This is important because the skin gets thinner and thinner over the years. In addition, enzymes ensure that collagen degradation is reduced. Vitamin B3 regulates the formation of pigmentation marks, and vitamin E eliminates free radicals.

Sun protection is easy - thanks to light textures and wet technology

The time of the excuses for creamy muffle is finally over. To allow us to enjoy this summer, cosmetics experts have continued to work on the feel-good factor of the products. These include ultra-light sprays that also protect difficult to reach body parts, and gel formulations that do not stick to the skin. On ingredients that can irritate, is completely dispensed with. Practical: Wet technology allows products to be applied to wet skin immediately after bathing. How does it work? Positive ions detect minerals in water and sweat, bind them to negative ones. This creates a water-repellent protective film.

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